The song that Karol ji dedicated to Anuel AA

colombian singer Karol ji Premiered his deluxe album, “Manana Will Be Beautiful, Bichota Season” and made it last summer. Cast of “TQG” Tribute to Selena Quintanilla with the song “Me X Tenia Rezon” for the musical genreThe song seems to contain allusions to conductor Anuel Aa, who was a partner of the singer in the past.

At a Tex-Mex tempo, the singer talks about the psychological threats she has received from an ex: “Me dijo que no iba a estar uno como el”. But there is a positive twist to the song, as it seems the singer has found a better man, who happens to be her current boyfriend, Colombian reggaetonero Fade.

“For you, I forget the past and hold no grudge. Baby, in bed you cured me of the pain that was hurting me, you made me bark where I wasn’t barking. For you, I believe you when you tell me ‘me amor’” part of the subject reads. Even, Karol ji compared men saying that her current boyfriend is far better in terms of intimacy as well.

According to artist Paisa, it will be one of his favorite songs from his deluxe album. ,This song is my baby, a music genre I have followed and admired all my life and with a special dedication to an artist, I said that I believe that one day, everything that is happening to me today could be possible. Selena Quintanilla, I love you”, wrote the Colombian woman on her Instagram account.

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Anuel AA didn’t even wait 24 hours for the launch to echo the song, even sharing the theme in an Instagram story. Reguetonero shared a Marvel movie poster and invited to watch a superhero movie, accompanying the image was the song: “Mi ex Taenia Razón”.

If you haven’t written anything about a Colombian song, at least share the song, showing that you’ve already heard the song. Karol G and Anuel AA started a relationship in 2019The romance which ended in the year 2021 due to Reguetonero’s alleged infidelity.

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