The poignant and Oscar-worthy film is Netflix’s hidden pearl!

A recent addition to the catalog of streaming giant Netflix, “O Castello de Vidro”, is already in the top 10 most watched. The American production, launched in 2017, is also available on Star+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ and Youtube. Released in Brazil by Globo Livros, this biographical drama is directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, based on the best-selling memoir by Janet Walls.

Starring Brie Larson, Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson, the story recreates the dysfunctional life of a young woman growing up in a nomadic family. The film is just over two hours long and was distributed by Lionsgate. The screenplay was adapted by Andrew Lanham and Marti Noxon, which ensured a unique way of presenting the story.


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The Captivating Story of The Glass Castle on Netflix

Told by renowned author and journalist Janet Walls, the story recounts the childhood of her and her brothers, who were raised in a dysfunctional family. The instability, carelessness and lack of resources that marked her youth lead Zeenat to pursue a journalism degree, with dreams of breaking free from the past and achieving success on her own terms.

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“The Glass Castle” stars Brie Larson as Janet Walls and Woody Harrelson as Rex, the father. The cast is rounded out by Naomi Watts, Sarah Snook, Josh Caras, and Brigitte Lundy-Paine, as well as young talent such as Sadie Sink, Charlie Shotwell, Mr. Crooks, Ella Anderson, Eden Grace Redfield, and Chandler Head, who will play the characters during this time. represent. his childhood.

How was The Glass Castle received by the public and critics?

The film generated divided opinions among specialized critics, but was moderately successful at the box office, grossing a total of US$22.1 million. On aggregator sites, reception was above average, with a 7.1 rating on IMDb. Critics and viewers expressed mixed opinions on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the criticism, the response was still favourable, and the drama was praised for the performances of the lead cast.

In short, “The Glass Castle” is an engrossing mix of biographical drama that has reached a massive audience and is still gaining more viewers on streaming. The film is available to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ and YouTube.

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