Sydney Sweeney as Spider-Woman; How is your character in “Madame Web”?

“After successful participation inExcitement, Sydney Sweeney Now get ready to take a big step forward on your Traktoria, on the big screen. The actress confirmed that it would be new Spider Woman In the movie “Madame Web”.

Despite the fact that a few months back, photos filtered in from behind the shooting cameras, little is known about Sony Pictures’ new production. However, the rumor that Sweeney may appear in the band is already more than confirmed.

Sydney Sweeney. Photo: Instagram @sydney_sweeney

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Dear “Cassie Howard” gave an interview Diversity in which he revealed that he would share the credit Dakota Johnson, who would be the protagonist of “Madame Web”. Other celebrities who join the cast are Celeste O’Connor, Adam Scott and Emma Roberts.

Plus, the 25-year-old star confessed she would give up Julia Carpenter, a character who becomes Spider-Woman in Marvel’s original comics. This shows its role.

Sweeney is quoted as saying in between, “I was hallucinating”, when he proposed the part in the film. He also featured in The Voyagers, Everything Sucks and The White Lotus, which is why his fans have high hopes for his project. Miracle,

And I remember “I went straight to the comic store and bought all the comics that mentioned my character. I think it’s different from what people expect from a superhero movie.”

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In the story, Sydney Sweeney will be Julia Carpenter or Spider WomanSecond madam web After Cassandra Webb, the original heroine, was signed by Sarah and Anna Kravinoff.

Although filming has been delayed to early 2023, the Sony Pictures film is expected to hit theaters on February 15, 2024.

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