Review of the best video games of 2000 and PS2 launch with Bruno Saul

Changes in 2000 brought with them the PlayStation 2 generation as well as classics like Zelda Majora’s Mask or Shenmue. We remember them!

Welcome to the new annual review of The Uncle Bruno Stories! This time we’re going to travel to find out best video games of 2000at a time when we all believed there would be flying cars or otherwise computers damaged effect 2000.

It was also the year the launch of the amazing PlayStation 2 in our country, a console that at the time started with games like Ridge Racer V, Tekken Tag Tournament or Fantavision, but over the years has produced some of the best video games in history. Here you can browse the top 20 PlayStation 2 games.

Other platforms also introduced revolutionary games. In the case of the Nintendo 64 in those months, we’ll see gems like Perfect Dark or pokemon stadium. The first PlayStation was also still on trend, with exciting titles like Wandering storywhile the Dreamcast stood out with milestones such as Space Channel 5 Crazy Taxi or the legendary Shenmue.

It was also time for the occasional loud flop. Do you remember how pregnancy and fall daikatan project.

In the case of PC, we have games that have created an entire era, such as Diablo 2 (which came back into vogue with the recent release of Diablo IV), Counter Strike or the first part of The Sims. In those days, we had practically one gaming revolution a month! He uncle bruno He tells us in the video above how he survived all these transmissions.

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