Prevention and mental health at the forefront of Manizales mayoral candidates

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Improving service and finances are two challenges for those who win the Manizales mayoral election on October 29th. Pictured is the San Isidro Hospital, run by the municipal secretariat of health.

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Nutrition and healthy habits. Several candidates for mayor of Manizales agree with this. Also working on mental health. LA PATRIA presents today proposals for those who aspire to reach the first public office in the city.

Miguel Trujillo of the Significant Citizens Caucus (GSC) Let’s revive Manizales

  • Structuring cultural programs, sports and recreation for active aging, lifestyle and healthy eating, environmental care and recycling.
  • Health and prevention programs conducted by districts and communes of the city in coordination with the EPS.
  • Develop a comprehensive mental health promotion strategy.
  • An overview of healthcare organization integration strategies for administrative efficiency and healthcare improvement.
  • Focusing gender-responsive programs, policies and campaigns on issues related to general health, adolescent fertility, sexuality and reproductive education.

John Robert Osorio of the Green Party Colombian

  • Urgent care center for the mentally ill.
  • Campaigns to improve mental health and fight suicide, working for health mind is our role. No clear protocol deal with these events.
  • Inclusive campaign for women.
  • Health Center in San Cayetano: 107,000 citizens received assistance.
  • G.managed a 24-hour care clinic for layers 1 and 2. Leave a few medical posts for a decent hospital.
  • Permanent medical center from corregimiento.

Jorge Alberto Betancourt, Democratic Party Colombian

  • Through social development, we will promote programs and policies that promote prevention, health and well-being. Manizalenos
  • Access to quality medical services, disease prevention and health promotion programs.
  • To the best of your ability, follow what is defined in the City’s State Policy on Mental Health and Substance Use, which is a roadmap for guiding the various actions that need to be taken.

Francisco Javier Gonzalez, from the party Dignity and Commitment

  • Prioritize and promote mental health diagnoses and policies.
  • Restructure and modernize the health system and ESE of the municipality.
  • Improve air quality and reduce pollution.

Jorge Eduardo Rojas from Conservative Party

  • Family planning and sex education program.
  • Strengthening the dependent oxygen program.
  • Improving the infrastructure for the provision of medical services.
  • Update and implementation of the municipality’s public mental health policy with a focus on bullying, suicide, substance use and violence in all areas.
  • Strengthening the P&P model.
  • Strengthening basic health care and modernizing the municipal network.
  • Actualization of the municipal state policy of social security of the disabled.

Martin Sierra, from the party Renaissance Colombia

  • Consolidation in all hospitals of humanized childbirth.
  • Policies for voluntary termination of safe pregnancies.
  • Increase the availability of pediatric emergency services.
  • Treatment of mental health pathologies in any hospital and clinic.
  • Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in schools, universities and other institutions.
  • Oral and vision intervention for residents in vulnerable settings.

Carlos Arturo Buritica, from National Salvation Party

  • Inspection, supervision and control of epidemiological matters, sanitary responsibility, provision of essential goods and services, such as public health research, control of medicines, food and drink, medical devices, cosmetics, detergents, pesticides, cosmetic hygiene products. in the administration.
  • The public health program will focus on creating conditions contribute to health promotion and risk management.
  • Insurance and integrated health services will focus on insurance and health services for the population under the General Health Security System (GHSSS).
  • Strengthening the governance and governance of the health sector.

Herman Vallejo, from People’s Party of Colombia

  • This dimension is related to strategic transformation national human security and social justice, which integrates protection life with legal and institutional security, as well as with economic, social and environmental security (work, education, health).
  • Strengthen bio-kitchens with communes where vulnerable populations eat healthy food.
  • Support agro-ecological or agro-diverse processes, both in cities and in rural areas, to produce healthy food.

Martin Emilio Ramirez, Anti-Corruption Rulers League Party

  • Care and coverage in prevention and health promotion programs.
  • housing construction strategies.
  • Improvement of medical equipment.
  • Teleconsultation and family doctor program for vulnerable populations.
  • Preferential care for adults, children and adolescents, women, communities, people with disabilities and migrants.
  • Public health against substance use, alcohol, depression, prostitution and child pregnancy.
  • State policy of education in the field of mental health.

Carlos Alberto Arias, GSC We are all manizales (you wait for the Registry to validate your signatures)

  • Generate learning, dialogue and training scenarios in each commune and corregimiento of the city, which, in collaboration with the observatory of social conflicts, form a community learning network focused on mental health prevention.
  • Conduct monthly local mental, family, work and social health prevention sessions in coordination with sports, arts and cultural programs that reinforce self-help strategies and shared responsibility as protective factors.
  • Promote specialized psychological support scenarios in educational, business and public institutions.
  • Implement a permanent crew program health promotion and prevention, in coordination with the network The primary concern of the municipality.
  • Expand university attention contracts online provision of Assbasalud and San Isidro Hospital.
  • Look for Assbasalud’s impeccable management leadership and San Isidro Hospital.
  • Strengthen the marketing of Assbasalud and San Isidro hospital services through EPS or insurance organizations.
  • Develop timely maintenance at Assbasalud care centers and San Isidro hospital.

Paula Andrea Toro of GSC ONE city for all

  • Increase coverage for children aged 0 to 4 through alliances with the Compensation Fund and other IPSs present in the city.
  • Improve the availability of pediatric emergency care in the city.
  • Develop strategies for preventive vaccination, environmental sanitization and timely treatment that will reduce the number of avoidable deaths.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle that reduces the incidence of infectious and parasitic diseases in the population over 45 years of age.
  • Develop a public policy aimed at the timely prevention of suicide and other mental health problems in the city.
  • Improve family and community health and facilitate access to priority groups.
  • Strengthen the network of health care providers for the subsidized regime.
  • Increasing health care membership coverage.
  • Offer home health care programs and sustainable telehealth care.
  • Continue your efforts to reduce teenage pregnancies in the city, especially in the communities of San José and Coomandey.

Diego Fernando Espinosa, party member Civil force

  • Guaranteed access to health services: gGuarantee equal access to quality health care for all citizens, including primary and specialized health care and emergency services, by monitoring organizations providing health services.
  • Health promotion: implementation of programs and strategies that promote healthy habits and lifestyles (diet, physical activity, mental health, substance use prevention, violence prevention, etc.). This proposal will be coordinated with the sports sector.
  • Healthy Infrastructure: Together with the sports sector, build infrastructures and public spaces that encourage physical activity in parks, bike paths and sports areas.
  • Prevention Programs: Implementation of chronic disease prevention and health promotion programs with a focus on vulnerable groups and specific risk factors.
  • Mental Health: Strengthening public mental health policy, providing mental health counseling services, including prevention, treatment and psychological support programs to the community through virtual telehealth consultations.
  • Psychological First Aid Course: Providing free technical assistance, as well as virtual and face-to-face training to detect and prevent mental health conditions and develop the skills and abilities to provide psychological first aid in extreme cases of anxiety.
  • Primary social care: building alliances with various sectors such as local governments, private companies, nongovernmental organizations and communities to address the social determinants of health in an integrated manner.
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities: ensuring accessibility of health services for people with disabilities, both in terms of infrastructure and medical care.

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