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We’ve been in Rosando since mid-August. There is very little time left to enjoy this summer that you have been planning for months. However, there may be people who have not had the opportunity to leave the house. The one who is looking for a destination in the last minute and is not confused about where to go. One and for others, for those who want to be in tune with the imagination and those who want ideas, we have a ‘playlist’ with singers number 1 Best of Cadena 100 Variety Music, we go with you You‘Reel’ of our InstagramBut we will also leave some songs under these lines for you, so that you can always enjoy them.

Getaways for Every Taste

On 20 October 2009, Alicia Keys releases ‘Empire State of Mind’ Yes, since then, there are few voices that have sung for Nueva York like hers. This is a hymn. One of these songs that leads into the chorus, essentially, takes us – even mentally – to the city that never sleeps. In its title, it gives us some other brushwork, pointing to one of the symbols, the Empire State. More Hidden Lo Pon Alvaro de Luna En Su ‘Eternal Oath of Salt’where do you talk about them “Local Nights Touring Portugal”, Both are two destinations, close to our borders, which are ideal options: one to organize it with more time; Second, those migrations which are always appreciated in the neighboring country.

abba le cantaba a waterlooWhich may have never happened to you, but if you want something like crystal clear water and night walks, we recommend that you do it. to suffer fly direct to and formentera The Catalan woman herself also suggested going to Berlin, where she sang a story of unrequited love. For now, let’s go to this Balearic island with a YouTube video clip of one of the most special voices 45 minutes of non-stop music Que Te Ponemos En Cadena 100. One song in which, let’s not forget, was with Nicki Nicole.

european capitals

very few can say it’s big Ed Sheeran He is devoted to one of his creations. barcelona Consider it a privilege to be in the repertoire of one of the most relevant personalities in the industry, at this point in time. It came out in 2017 as part of his album ‘÷’ and has a happy time that represents the thousand wonders, life walking the streets of the capital. Don’t you know what we are talking about? This is what any good music lover needs to know, so we leave it right here below.

And there’s another one of these ladies who’s causing a sensation with her moves Taylor Swift. Su ‘The Eras Tour’ It’s killing it, even before its ticket-buying controversy started. Amidst this explosion of a road that is many kilometers behind, we want to remember this ‘London Boy’, Because the capital of the United Kingdom is one of these destinations for them, a nice combination from different points of our country and, of course, somewhat lower than the temperatures ‘warming up’ the peninsula these days.

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