Overwatch 2, Blizzard’s First Game On Steam, Debuts With A Rarely Seen Preview

Overwatch 2 release Steam In a way, it was sort of a milestone that could change Blizzard’s usual momentum with its PC releases. After all, ever since came into our lives, each of its games reached the computer through the above launcher. However, times have changed and that is why the publisher has decided to launch one of its most popular games on Steam.

Their motives can be interpreted in different ways. Some say it was a move to win back the players, expand the pool of players and/or break new ground. Many others say it was a move motivated by Microsoft. Whatever it was, its premiere on the Valve platform stands out for a completely different reason: bombing overview.

Overwatch 2 opens on Steam in the worst possible way

To be clear, people are unhappy with Blizzard and Overwatch 2. The company’s latest steps towards its hero shooter They caused a lot of complaints… And rightly so. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main reasons why has only 14% positive reviews after over 25,000 reviews on Steam.but he is not the only one.

Among other things, many users wanted to express their disagreement with their monetization systems. Nevertheless, and so we can talk about bombing overviewMany of the criticisms we can find are based on nothing in particular. There are those who simply deny that this is Overwatch 2 or Blizzard, many others make meaningless comparisons and…

Well, then it’s about Team Fortress. Many are well aware that there is a fairly strong rivalry between players from both communities. Of the last gone a few downvotes, just leaving a link to the game in a comment saying it’s better because yes, that’s all. Which could be, but in the end it’s a kind of criticism that doesn’t really provide much information about the negative aspects of OW 2.

In any case, the community has already spoken out and made it clear that they are not happy with either Blizzard or Overwatch 2. His situation, at least on Steam, is quite complex as he mixes all kinds of criticism.. And while it is true that many of them are completely legal, many others are nothing more than a meme, the only manifestation of which is hatred.

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