Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain has confessed to kissing a colleague on stage shortly after vomiting and swallowing. celebrities

Actress Jessica Chastain confessed to kissing a co-star shortly after vomiting (and swallowing vomit). The 46-year-old celebrity, who will win the Best Actress Oscar in 2022 for her work in ‘The Eyes of Tammy Fey’ (2021), talked about “kissing after puke” – her profession, while participating in the podcast ‘Smartless’. Presented by collaborators Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

Chastain’s “after-vomit kiss” occurred during her Broadway performance of A Doll’s House.

Jessica Chastain in the play A Doll’s House – Photo: Instagram

“I can tell you now, because we’re on break[from performing the play],” Chastain laughed, when asked what was the worst moment she experienced during production.

“What I’m about to tell you is really disgusting, you guys. I vomited. I vomited and swallowed. And nobody came to know. I was suffocating, I was bending over and it happened. Then I had to kiss someone! Yes, it was a bad dream and I cannot explain it.”

Jessica Chastain with the Oscar she won in 2022 – Photo: Twitter

Still laughing, she said that the kiss was supposed to be “sensual”, but ended up being a “close-mouthed kiss”.

“Then as the curtains started to go down and close, I said, ‘Hey guys, I’m sorry, I threw up.’

Jessica Chastain with her husband Gian Luca Passi at the 2021 Venice Film Festival – Photo: Getty Images

Directed by Jamie Lloyd, “A Doll’s House” premiered in New York last March. The production featured the actress as a woman living in a stifling 18th-century marriage. Still in the works are Ariane Moed, Jesmilie Darbouz, Tasha Lawrence, Michael Patrick Thornton and Okiriet Onadowan.

Married to businessman Gian Luca Passi di Preposulo since 2017, the actress also spoke about the changes in her friendship with colleague Oscar Isaac after they recently starred together in the miniseries ‘Señas de Um Casamento’ (2021). She added that the dynamic between them was “never the same” after the production.

Oscar Isaac sniffing Jessica Chastain’s armpits at the 2021 Venice Film Festival – Photo: Getty Images

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