Olivia Rodrigo premiered Bad Idea right? And fans ask for debut in Chile


The American released a new song and is preparing for the release of his second album.

Olivia Rodrigo premiered Bad Idea right?  And fans ask for debut in Chile
© Olivia RodrigoOlivia Rodrigo premiered Bad Idea right? And fans ask for debut in Chile

Olivia Rodrigo, the Disney girl who caught the whole world of music american, he is found preparing Release of the second album from El Que Seria from studio.

That is why the Americans themselves are considering releasing singles that will form part of the final album called GUTS.

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A few weeks ago Rodrigo released Vampire, the first single that will now be part of GUTS The singer performed “Bad Idea Right?” Surprised by launching. new single from second album And that will be the second track on the new album.

Rodrigo Busca with this new song It surpassed its own record and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 again.

Can you hear Bad Idea right? In detail:

La Canción comes with a manic and tremendously funny look at how an ex returns together against all predictions.

With its aesthetic partly inspired by 90s B-movie horror comedies, the video for “Bad idea isn’t it?“Follow Rodrigo on a journey to a former home, equal parts surreal, heartwarming and fantastically absurd.

,Bad idea isn’t it?” It started with making up a joke song about me since I was dating an ex-boyfriend, But then we said we realized we actually had some”, says Rodrigo. ,We were taking out the most outlandish things on the wall: There’s a part in one of the choirs that acts like an instrument in the background, but I’m slowly getting louder and louder.,

When is GUTS issued?

GUTS, the second studio album by Olivia Rodrigo, will be released on September 8 It can be pre-saved on all music streaming platforms and from then on.

In regards to the list of songs that are on the disc, you can review them below:

  1. all american bitch
  2. Bad idea isn’t it?
  3. vampire
  4. equipped
  5. home school girl song
  6. making the bed
  7. logical
  8. bring him back!
  9. love is embarrassing
  10. Grudge
  11. beautiful is not beautiful
  12. teenage Dream

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