Olivia Rodrigo ‘Bad Idea Right?’ as the second lead role of ‘Guts’.

Olivia Rodrigo is back., The American artist who has turned into one of the global music phenomena in recent years has announced that it will return in 2023 with new songs and after the success of vampireNow back with a new single.

Through her social networks, Olivia Rodrigo revealed a few months ago that her second album, under the title of Courage, The next will be released on September 8 through Geffen Records, After the publication of the first volume of the disc, vampirewhich saw the light last June 30, and titled the second single Bad idea isn’t it?

The American artist is back with another preview of her next album, out August 11. under the title of Bad idea isn’t it? It’s a song that’s honest about getting back into a relationship with an ex, even though I knew it wasn’t a good idea.

“La Canción is quite different from vampire show me the other side Courage It’s a little more fun and jugaton», the American artist wrote ahead of the release of his new single. “I can’t wait to share this with everyone. I will love him forever!”, added.

Rock opera-inspired Olivia Rodrigo’s new single debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 It became the third winning song to top the list for three Grammy Awards. after Driver license or good 4 u from your album Tart .

The album’s second volume arrives, with a new video clip directed by Petra Collins And it comes just a week after the artist revealed the full list of songs, featuring her best friends Courage Which includes a total of 12 songs.

All American BH, Get Him Back, Pretty Ain’t Pretty or love is embarrassingThere are other song titles on the new album by American artist Joe It presents itself as one of the most anticipated record releases of the year.

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