Ocupaciones Maravillosas (movies and series): Babylon

Thousands of spectators flocked to theaters when Barbie landed, making it the second taquillera film of the year after The Super Mario Bros. Movies. Before the ever-increasing threat of extinction of cinema, Estos Aspasmos returns to give it hope. Tracing the origins of The Seventh Art behind, Babylon shows how that fear is always present and fortunately never fulfilled.

Babylon (2022) is a film that also stars Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Mexican Diego Calva in the lead role of Barbie. Other award-winning films such as Lalaland (2016) and Whiplash (2014) by al director Lou Conosemos. The public had high hopes for the new work of Damien Chazelle, but the public did not foresee all its consequences.

What is this film about? Through the story of three main characters: Nellie LaRoy, an actress eager for fame (Margot Robbie), an established film actor (Brad Pitt) and Manny, a beginning producer (Diego Calva), the making of Hollywood is shown until until it comes. Sound cinema in the 1930s. Festivities, first shoots, first filming sets in the middle of the desert, demonstrations of cameras, lights, directors and directors, transition to another mode of production with sound films and the beginning of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

I love these kinds of movies where we can get from fiction to part of cinema history. For those who study history in books, it’s great fun to see re-created anecdotes about the ways cinema was made: the speed at which you had to film scenes as the sun went down, or the huge parties that the producers threw. were organized to a large extent by All the way through the middle to the end, in which one day you worshiped and the other you were expelled. If we can critique Babylon with additional anecdotes, the dramatic curve builds up very nicely. The point of encounter between the stories of three characters showing different aspects of the same problem is not over in no time.

One of the most curious characters in cinema is Brad Pitt. The question that haunts and problems the integrated film actor is his orientation towards the future of himself. At 30, I wonder if this film is going to end. This ghost returns whenever there are significant changes in the film industry. Over the past few decades, this has been due to advances in technology, consumer habits and public preferences. Some examples of these could be: The zenith of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ that have changed the way people access audiovisual content. Support to cinema halls has decreased due to the convenience of watching movies and shows at home. Audience preferences have evolved over time, and audiences may be looking for more interactive and experiential content that traditional cinema cannot provide. The Experience of Watching Movies at Home With improvements in the quality of television screens and audio systems, many people prefer the convenience of watching movies at home rather than going to the cinema. among many others.

The final scene shows Manny, already cut off from the film industry, entering cinema in 1953. Through war, through television, through a new world. Manny’s encounter with the greats of cinema takes him back to life based on a personal but collective history straight to his heart. Being alone and together at the same time in this cine-ritual is because of the magic, so, even though we hear a thousand times that it will disappear, we believe it won’t. Because this magic lasts much longer than cinema, it is meeting others while someone tells us a story.

by LIC. Leticia Floriani in cinema and television

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