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Nutritionist Claudia Escudero Banquet explains the importance of proper nutrition, which must begin in the womb.

Grandparents have always told us and confirmed by doctors and other health professionals that we should cultivate and maintain healthy habits such as adequate and balanced nutrition, since adequate nutrition will strengthen our immune system and therefore reduce the likelihood of getting sick. sick and enjoy your health.

Claudia Patricia Escudero is a professional nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the field and throughout her professional life she has dedicated herself to studying and educating people on the importance of adequate nutrition, as well as advising on what foods should be right in each specific case. age and health status of people.

Claudia Escudero, nutritionist.

Regarding Dietitian’s Day, which has been observed annually on August 11 since 1974, Claudia recalls the importance of maintaining relationships with professionals in this field, starting with newborns, in order to monitor optimal growth and development of children.

He explains that the dietitian profession focuses on three main aspects of the well-being of patients and people in general; one care profile that is responsible for caring for patients in hospitals or health centers, an administrative profile that focuses on helping restaurants, casinos, soup kitchens, etc., and a community profile that focuses on prevention, especially in the vulnerable population.

It is important that people continue to focus on how valuable nutrition is, on knowing which foods are essential and fundamental and which are definitely not conducive to our health and nutritional status.

“Nutrition is the fundamental basis of human health. This means that if we do not eat well, our health will not be the best. That’s why it’s important to know how to distribute each of the food groups before eating them.”

In recent years, consultation with these professionals has become vital as governments realize that issues such as malnutrition and childhood obesity are inherent in public health.

That is why the knowledge and guidance that these professionals can give us cannot be underestimated. And put an end to the myth that going to the dietitian is synonymous with dieting, fasting, and not eating. It is important to cultivate healthy lifestyles and habits that allow us to maintain optimal or nurturing health.

Working in the foundation of the Colombian Institute for the Welfare of the Family in San Juan de Nepomuceno, Bolivar.

Claudia Escudero believes that the growth of technological progress has led to the development of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension, among others, especially among the child population, so it is important to pay more attention to the issue of food and nutrition for our population. children. because the effects will be visible when they become adults.

“This type of processed food, which, while saving us time in preparing or serving, has contributed to the onset of metabolic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, which is caused by malnutrition,” says the specialist.

Claudia currently works for a foundation contracted by the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare and develops her work in the municipality of San Juan de Nepomuseno, Bolivar, with disabled children who need strict supervision and help with diet.

“My work is of a nursing nature and requires a differentiated approach to each patient, as these are children with different pathologies, which suggests that not all of them need the same nutrition. According to this pathology, the diet and nutritional needs of every minor will be like this,” says Claudia Escudero.

Monitoring of adequate nutrition in humans is aimed at maintaining an optimal nutritional status, and this is more successful if this monitoring is carried out from the first days of life, even before the birth of a child.

The process begins with a nutritional assessment that will show what each person’s needs are, and in that order of ideas, their dietary chart is established, as well as the quantity and quality of essential nutrients.

Dietitian’s Day was created to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Pedro Escudero, an Argentinean physician and pioneer in dietetics.

Pedro Escudero graduated in 1902 from the Faculty of Medical Sciences with a medal of honor. He is recognized as the founder and director of the National Institute of Nutrition in his country, as well as the father of the specialty dietitian. He is also considered the “father of the specialty in America”.

If someone wanted to get closer to the definition of nutrition, then one could say that this is a science that studies the physiological and metabolic processes that occur in the body after eating.

And a nutritionist is a professional who specializes in the properties and characteristics of foods, as well as practices for managing ignorance in the production of safe and healthy food.

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