latina actresses who don’t speak spanish

Jenna Ortega There has been a lot of criticism after A video where speaking Spanish is complicated.

In this video, Ortega is asked to invite people to watch “Miracoles” (marlina in spanish) In Netflix Using words in Spanish is costly in going viral on Tik Tok and receiving harsh criticism.

Criticisms of Jenna Ortega

After the viral video, many fundamentalists continuously expressed this Ortega ni Sequiera should be considered Latina if you can’t speak Spanish.

One of the artists to openly congratulate Ortega was Camila Cabello who said the following:

“I love seeing Latinas on screen…”

However, I found many claims that Ortega was not Latina Highlighting the language because I don’t speak Spanish fluently An essential attribute for being Latino.

It should be noted that all the comments below Cabello’s tweet say so Ortega is not Latin enough, it was because he does not speak this language.

However, we have to remember that your father, of Mexican descent, and your mother, of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, The specialty of being Le Dan La Latina.

Jenna Ortega Was born on September 27, 2002 in California.

Slowly, a niche has opened up in the world of acting and now even more with her portrayal of the famous actress Merlina. Franchise of Locus Adams.

she introduces herself when asked “75 percent Mexican and 25 percent Puerto Rican”.

in an interview published in pop sugarthe actress recognized it reasons for those who do not know how to speak in spanish You have to watch how you bring your family members to the United States.

Simply, without further explanation, I say the language in your family is “murio”Because it has more to do with everyday use than any other reason.

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