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The program “¿De que signo SOS?” After an incredible cycle before the operation of, Lali González in Paraguay tells about her journey on TV Argentina. He explained, “This has been one of the craziest and most amazing journeys the world of Zodiac has given me in this life.” The compatriot made her television debut in the country of Vesino with the said proposal, which caused her to remain cupid for several months.

The program “¿What mark are you on?” It debuted on the eve of 14 February and went live on 31 July, after completing 100 editions on Tres from Argentina. After the final chapter, Lali González took the opportunity to end her journey through Argentine TV with an emotional message.

“This project brings me back to Fury City, which I love so much, This offer broke all my schedules, inviting me to the challenge of captaining a team for the first time, with over 100 events, in charge of over 17 people on the floor over the course of 6 months. This joy was thanks to all my co-workers; To the stars who surround me every day, to my dear astrologer, to my dear producers, directors, techniques, stylists, makeup, hairstyling and all those who made this project possible”, she assured.

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The actress thanked the departed for giving her the opportunity to conduct the event and extended special wishes to the public. He wrote, “Thank you also to all the loving public who follow me and give all their affection.” There is no continuity if one wants to have a “cupido” like experience, the fellow countryman made it clear that his stay in the next country would not end there. “Argentina, for this pronunciation is a rat. See you,” he said.

Lali González not only tasted lucrative screen success in the neighboring country, but she also accepted the challenge of joining the cast of “Las Cosas Maravilosas”. A theatrical piece that premiered at the Multiteatro Comafi in Buenos Aires at the end of March and also reached Asuncion.

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