Know how and when to participate in Compensar tournaments

In Colombia, Gamer Day has been celebrated on August 29 since 2008. Thinking of the ever-growing content offering for the “gaming” public at the time, Compensar announced that it will join the celebration in 2023 with two tournaments and a special offer to participate in its esports schools. So if you’re looking to celebrate Gamer’s Day on August 29th in Colombia in a big way, here’s how to do it and what you can win.


What are Compensar Gamer’s Day Tournaments?

Colombian Player Day: Find out how and when to participate in Compensar tournaments

As part of the Compensar Gamer’s Day celebration, two esports tournaments will be held, in which the champions of each category will receive a prize pool of up to 2,500,000 COP. In addition, the first 100 players who register for Compensar’s Gamer’s Day tournaments will receive a 30% discount if they enroll in esports schools.

Compensar Gamer’s Day tournaments in Colombia:

  • valiant: 5v5 teams will meet in this tournament, and the winner will receive a prize of 2,000,000 COP.
  • FIFA 23: The EA Virtual Football Tournament will run on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms and will award 400,000 COP for first place and 100,000 COP for second place.

How can I register for the Compensar Player’s Day Tournaments?

To participate in tournaments dedicated to the day of the player, just go to the Compensar online store – at the following link – or at the box office of the main headquarters Av 68 in Bogotá.

Registration fees for Compensar Gaming Day tournaments range from 10,000 Colombian pesos. and $15,000, depending on the affiliate category.

Can I register for Compensar Gamer’s Day Tournaments without being affiliated?

If you are not affiliated with Compensar, don’t worry. Since to participate in the tournament valiant or FIFA 23 player day you can register without being affiliated. The registration fee – if you are not a Compensar member – is 15,000 Colombian pesos.

When is Compensar Gamer’s Day celebrated in Colombia?

The inscriptions for the Colombian Compensar Gamer’s Day celebration tournaments end on Sunday, August 27th.. The tournaments will start on Tuesday, August 29th and will run until Saturday, September 9th.

Terms and conditions apply, which can be found at the following link.

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