Isaan Elba, daughter of Idris Elba: “I want to be a producer. I grew up in the plateau and I’ve been surrounded by it all my life, so I didn’t have to think about it.”

Isaan Elba arrives at Vogue House (where Condé Nast’s writing teams are based in London) crop top An adjusted point skirt by adidas and reflects the freshness of luxury and sportiness with cuffed insensitivity. And despite having a face worthy of steering a thousand boats, an Instagram profile dedicated to her ensembles of 2000s cowgirl mini skirts and tops and a circle of high-flying friendships that rival Notting Hill’s original Pandilla (before which the Prime Minister David Cameron, We’re in front of the first photo shoot and interview with Isaan Elba. It comes a little late, but that is forgiven, Spent last night with friends at Chiltern Firehouse, You’re likely to find him at Coco’s on the weekend, if the refuge of the city’s most promising youth. No en Veno is Olympia de Greece’s favorite club.

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21-year-old daughter Idris Elba and her former suitor Hanne “Kim” Norgaard you are all one glamazone of high society in Sirnes. The young lady divides her time between her Portobello floor and her film career at New York University, which is the epitome of perfection. this is girl Transatlantica: “I feel like everything is ajetreo in New York and I’m away from my family a lot. Here’s how to get back to a more stable home life. I do Pilates, hang out with my friends, go on picnic trips“, she accepted.

Having grown up in London, studied in the United States and spent summers in Paris, Ibiza and Los Angeles (among others)., There is no doubt that the world is at its feet. But Some specifics of the cultural divide between the United Kingdom and the United States in response to a question, He talks to his agent about plans for his next stay in New York, saying the discotheque promoter is “super-American”, but when he gets back to London, the hairstyle definitely appeals BouquetSo large that it appears to be on point of snow, the result of which is most unusual: “¿que cono es un” quiff?”, asked while entertaining the cute and aesthetic devices (it’s a tupe in English) with an amusing anecdote about recent transcontinental linguistic rarities (recalls).

We got close to the ass in clothes with them looks like which I chose for him. For what I plan to fight for is a set of fuchsia tweeded by Self-Portrait, but while it’s in a vaquero minidress with rose embellishments denim by Magda Butrym and I referenced the most iconic vaquero look of all time (Britney or Justin At the 2004 VMAs), the topic fell over with rage. We added a pair of pink platform loafers (from my personal collection) and some jewelry vintage From The Hearst Collection, and Elba transforms before my eyes. We stand in front of a star on your first plan list,

We head to Sexy Fish in Berkeley Square. It can be said that this is the most trivial recreational place of the ever-growing empire Richard Caring, Some time ago I was at a party here with Keanu Reeves on the occasion of the launch of a whiskey, and a few weeks ago I had a great view of the firm Judith Leiber In your private dining room. So I was dying to capture the clear glow of this hedonistic paradise full of aquariums alongside a fresh face of London’s social scene. However, shortly after I learned that Elba was allergic to shellfish, so sadly, lobster with black pepper sansho and butter shiso Queron Fuera del Menu. That’s it, I suggest all sea food lovers to try this on your next trip City,

Lights, Camera and Action! The charming Elba reacts instantly to the grand marble staircase that descends from the lower plant to the coral reef room, and gifts us powerful poses like the young Naomi Campbell at the time the original supermodel: “It was the best day. This was the first time I had an actual session, so I loved posing, doing makeup and posing beautifully. Who didn’t want to do that?This was confirmed when reviewing the experience later. Our lunch is a jet-set lunch, with waiters dressed in flowery jackets going up and down stairs laden with sushi, caviar and champagne, but Elba takes it in stride. Takes turns, smiles and laughs from the invitees and local staff, who try to witness the magic we are creating.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that it develops with such naturalness in front of the camera. Finally and finally, it paraded on the red carpet on the street for the first time Daddy’s Girls, when he was only seven years old: “Baby pink is my favorite color now, but she hated it then. My priest chose a red outfit with moonlight and another plush pink outfit, which was very feminine. I said: ‘Choose the one you want’ and I replied that the red one, but in the end I had to wear the pink one, and that was the thing I hated! But, once I was on the red carpet, I was so shy that I didn’t fall into it”, Confisa. Was chosen as the ambassador of the Golden Globes on her 17th birthday, In that edition, Alba presented awards to several winners and took the opportunity to plead for the need to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, an issue that touches her very closely: “It was one of the best experiences of my life. Was. I am starting my journey as an activist in favor of mental health. They give you the opportunity to shine, do great things and meet great people. Fue un sueno hecho realidad”, assures the young promise.

Obviously, being a famous priest has its advantages: “I knew Beyoncé”, he tells me, smiling ear-to-ear. “My priest acted in a film with him. I spent the whole day talking about her and I couldn’t stop saying ‘Dad, I want to meet Beyoncé!’ I went back to watch last year’s premiere the fall will be even harder, And the puppy ate, but it woke up in me when I was young. He asked my priest if she was his daughter and he replied ‘yes, she is elder.’ ‘You are priceless’, she says. You asked me about the plan: ‘Madre Mia, Beyoncé just called me a gupa!

But it is not all rosy. When I asked how it felt when the magazine voted your pastor the sexiest man in the world People In 2018, he replied to me with a brooding: “Que Verguenza. I try to ignore it. Sometimes I have nightmares and wake up in a cold sweat just thinking about him.”

In fact, a month before this interview, I had learned of Jade Holland Cooper’s private foray into her sensuous majesty during the Cheltenham horse races, and I was amazed to see how firmly her feet were on the earth. It was taking time to stretch my legs. Mano y la de me padre y presenteres (That’s not what was needed, in your case!), something I tell Isan. She answers me with the same politeness: “He has taught me to always greet everyone because you never know who you are going to meet. This could be your next best friend or buddy!, The movie stars here have amazing style which is sorely lacking in Hollywood.

But Elba wants to develop a career behind the camera: “I want to be a producer. I grew up among the plateaus and I’ve been surrounded by that all my life, so, in a sense, I didn’t have to think about it. From a young age I thought that I wanted to be a veterinarian, but once I found out what I wanted to do. My priests (who are my role models, Viaan), tell me that I wanted to dedicate myself to the film industry”, he explained. Did.

Both his father and his mother have been a constant support, and now his stepmother Sabrina Dhowre Elba, who is Idris’ current wife, is also supporting him. “He’s very much in favor of everyone finding their way, finding who they are and not being complacent in their commitment. He’s someone who I’ve worked a lot in many different fields, but if you have values ​​and you care about them, you’ll be fine“, he explains.

From what Sabrina mentions, Isan – like the rest of the humans – admires the bottom of his closet. “I love your style. It feels like a dream to me whenever I can reach into your closet and take things from you. Sometimes I avoid pieces that I think are somehow Won’t let me wear it, ¡pero yo lo intention!”, she confesses.

Your plans for this summer are very much jet set as ever. The day after our session, he travels to New York for a month, and then returns to London before leaving: “I’ve been to Ibiza many times. And I found someone else to travel with my friends. I love to travel and explore, I think this is very important. I spend some time in London, because I want to move to a warmer country”, he comments. Of course, all this before starting a new semester in September.

We are ahead of the new and exciting this is girl At the moment, with a personality as beautiful and charming as her beauty, worthy of Beyoncé. All you have to do is plug it in before you take your next flight.

Styling and Creative Direction: Chandler Tregaskes.

Photography: Sina Brueckner.

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