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Overwatch 2: Invasion Has Arrived Experience new Invasion story missions in OW2, a new support hero, new cosmetic skins and rewards, and new ways to play. Read on for a closer look at the new Suravas map and all that this beautiful green haven in the heart of India has to offer.

Discover the exotic gardens of Suravasa

Overwatch 2 already offers us beautiful temples in the Nepal, Ayutthaya and Busan areas, but Surawas Gardens is one of the biggest and most complex maps we’ve ever created for Overwatch and we hope it captures your imagination.

One of the key elements in the creation of Suravasa was water. The map has the most water art effects of any map in Overwatch 2. The environment art interweaves paths filled with waterfalls, fountains, aqueducts, and ponds. However, watch where you step or you risk falling into lagoons filled with lizards that live there.

The huge design of the Suravasa is accentuated by five different flashpoints (more on that later), each with its own unique characteristics. This will be a race to the market in the center of the map to capture it before the enemy does. But in Suravas, you won’t have time to linger to smell the beautiful gardens, as one of the remaining flashpoints will open randomly and both teams will have to race to get to it.

Flashpoint brings you non-stop action like you’ve never seen before.

Overwatch 2 is not only about destroying opponents. Overwatch 2’s fast-paced gameplay features four different game modes that will take you through a variety of tasks. This may be the need to escort cargo or capture an area of ​​the map before your opponents. In Flashpoint, we’ve taken some of the funniest mechanics from other modes and created a consistent combat that will challenge players of all skill levels. Teams will meet at each Flashpoint to try to capture it before the enemy. When one of the teams captures the Flashpoint, it will be a non-stop firefight, as the next one will unlock before it can stop. Whoever manages to capture three Flashpoints wins!

Suravasa and the Flashpoint game mode are available in free play today and will be available in competitive play later.

Destroy your opponents with the new support, Illari.

Overwatch 2 features over 30 heroes in three different roles. Tank heroes that dominate the front line damage heroes from the flank to deal massive damage, and support heroes that help the team with their healing abilities and other usefulness. Joining us in Overwatch 2: Invasion is our new support hero, Illari. What sets Illari apart from other supports is that she has abilities that focus on using damage to heal her team while dominating the enemy.

As the last survivor of a group of protective warriors named Inti, she can use the power of the sun to attack her enemies and aid her allies.

Armed with her powerful solar rifle, she fires solar beams that deal high-precision damage but can also heal her teammates. You can also place your healing tower to keep your allies alive on target or in sticky situations. To avoid a dangerous situation, her Explosion ability knocks back opponents and carries her to safety.

Each hero has an Ultimate Ability that charges during the game and can change the course of the battle at any time. So when things go wrong, her Captive Sun ability fires a massive ball of solar energy, stunning opponents and leaving them vulnerable to deadly explosions if they take too much damage. Players with high skills will be able to combine Captive Sun with their teammates’ ultimate abilities to create deadly combinations that will send the opposing team back to the starting point.

When you first play Overwatch 2, you have access to a list of heroes to choose from in battle, but you can unlock Illari right away with the Invasion Premium Battle Pass for just 1,000 Overwatch Coins available right now in the in-game store! If you’re new to Overwatch 2, you’ll also be able to unlock Illari with the Complete Hero Collection, which immediately gives you access to every hero in the game, including every Overwatch 2 hero, 3 legendary and 3 epic skins to choose from, 1,000 Overwatch Coins to use during in-game store and 1500 credits to unlock additional cosmetic content in the hero gallery.

Answer the call in a new chapter of Overwatch 2’s story

After defeating their opponents in the markets and temples of Suravasa, they will face a new challenge: they will be able to join their friends and dive into the new Invasion story missions in Overwatch 2. During the exciting co-op campaign, they will face waves of enemies. Sector Zero robots as you complete three missions in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and Gothenburg as you progress through the Overwatch 2 story and lore. Take on the challenge as you take on powerful enemies such as Stalker combat robots and artillery. and get new rewards for completing the tasks of each mission.

Answer the call with the Overwatch 2: Invasion Pack, available for purchase on the PlayStation Store. Includes full access to all Invasion story missions and 1,000 Overwatch Coins. Completing each “Invasion” story mission will unlock a new legendary skin and access to “Sojorn” as a playable character in PvP mode. They can also upgrade their edition to Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle to get legendary Zero Sector-themed skins for Cassidy and Kiriko, or purchase the Invasion Premium Battle Pass, which includes 80 tiers of rewards to enhance their appearance.

Take on the challenge of King’s Row: Underworld in this co-op event.

OW2: Invasion also includes a new, completely free, limited-time co-op event called King’s Row: Underworld. In Free Mode, you can join your friends and work as a team to stop Sector Zero from taking over the omnic underworld on Kings Row. Your task will be to reactivate and restore the modified TS-1 combat robot, as well as deliver it to the shelter, where innocent omnic hostages are being held. Prepare to face waves of Sector Zero forces that will include a powerful new support squad tasked with repairing the OR-14 attack bots you attack. But the fun doesn’t end when the quest is completed, as they will return every week to complete new challenges, with new heroes and different ways to play, which will be updated weekly during the Underworld event until September 4th.

Overwatch 2 is free to play and includes PvP matches and the new King’s Row: Underworld event. Answer the call and save the world today. Available on PS5 and PS4.

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