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Diet is one of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle. Eating one or another can literally force our body to function normally or, conversely, make it sick.

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In this equation, we must also take into account the effects that some foods directly cause in our body, such as swelling. This may be due to the fact that it is very difficult for the body to process certain elements, even if a person does not have intolerance to them.

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As nutritionist Maria Nieves Garcia explains in an article titled Diet and Inflammation, inflammation can be defined as a local response to cell injury characterized by increased blood flow, capillary dilation, leukocyte infiltration, and local production of inflammatory mediators by the host. .

That is, our body reacts negatively to the presence of elements that are difficult for it to process or act on it. But until then, the answer may be a change in diet.

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“Eating patterns (such as the Mediterranean diet and controlled low-calorie diet), lowering total fat, increasing the unsaturated/saturated fat ratio, adequate vitamin and mineral intake, and the inclusion of antioxidants are measures that may be helpful. in modulating the immune response,” says Garcia.

In this sense, according to Miriam Huerta Gonzalez, dietitian and nutritionist at D-Médical, some of the foods that can cause inflammation are:

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For her part, Andrea Henao, a health and nutrition expert from Sura Paula, points out the following specific components of a healthy diet that can help you fight this inflammation:

“These recommendations are not a short-term cure (although the difference can be felt after a few weeks), but a dietary style that you can adopt to have a healthier body. The positive health outcomes that you will experience today will help you lead a more active lifestyle and live to old age with a healthy body and spirit,” say Sura experts.


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