guardians of the galaxy volume 3

the wait is over: guardians of the galaxy volume 3 reached (2023) disney+ After its success in theaters and now you can watch the movie as many times as you want!

new production marvel studios finds the Guardians in Nowhere, where echoes of Rocket’s troubled past alter all of the group’s plans.

Peter Quill (chris pratt), still reeling from the loss of Gamora (zoe saldana), must assemble his team on a dangerous mission to save the life of his friend and partner who is in a life or death situation.

Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper In the original English version, he is a very important character to the story of the film. Despite his ironic personality, he has some special moments in the film that impressed the audience.

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check below 4 moments rocket in new movie Guardians of the Galaxy This thrilled Marvel fans:

1. Rocket and his friends live a special moment

guardians of the galaxy volume 3 reveals Rocket’s origins, shows the audience the beginning of his life, where he lived in captivity After being captured by the High Evolutionary, who conducted mutation experiments on the raccoon and genetically modified it.

It was in captivity that he met his first friends: other animals who had also suffered the same fate. He didn’t have a name, just an identification code. So, in a poignant scene, they decide to give themselves the names they want to be called.

This is how they became: Rocket, Leela (voiced by Linda Cardellini), Teeth (voiced by Aseem Chowdhry) and Chao (voiced by Mikaela Hoover).

2. Rocket Lost His Friends guardians of the galaxy volume 3

Upon learning of the High Evolutionary’s plans, Rocket and his friends attempt to escape. However, things do not go as they expected and they are found out.

Leela is the first to be killed, and Rocket’s reaction is heartbreaking as the raccoon moans in pain and expresses his anguish over the loss of his friend.

The rocket also loses teeth and lands. Devastated by the situation, the raccoon manages to flee the scene.

3. Rocket and Lyla Say Goodbye

another very emotional scene guardians of the galaxy volume 3 Only then Rocket, on the verge of death, falls into a kind of “limbo”, where he finds his friend Lilla – already in another plan.

Touched, the raccoon apologizes to her for whatever happened. However, Lyla says that the sky is beautiful and that she is flying with her other friends for the time being.

When Rocket asks if she can go with them, Lyla says yes, but there is no time, as she has too many things to do. At that point, Rocket regains consciousness and returns to the Guardians.

4. Rocket rescues a group of raccoons

already almost at the end guardians of the galaxy volume 3Rocket rescues a group of animals that were imprisoned (as he had been in the past) due to the High Evolutionary’s plans.

Upon seeing that they were exactly like him, Rocket read a sign reflecting himself in them which informed him that these little animals were raccoons. So, after a long period of denial, he realizes that this is his kind.

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