Giants Eliminate KRU From VALORANT Champions

VALORANT Champions Giants CRU

The Spanish community smiles at the end of the historic Hispanic clash at the VALORANT World Cup. The Giants beat KRÜ Esports 2-0 in Group A of the VALORANT champions, eliminating the Latin American team from the tournament. The Giants win a historic duel that guarantees them continued competition and one last chance to qualify. playoffs. After the liquidation of KRU, giants preparing for a rematch against Edward Games for a pass to playoffs.

A tough fight was expected in all respects, and it was. giants And CRY they threw it all in a LA studio while starring in the first duel qualifying belonging cluster TO VALORANT champions. With a noose around their necks, both organizations have signed a historic clash between Spain and Latin America as part of the international VALORANT event, which only capture of giants. The Spanish organization has surpassed 2-0 in KRÜ in a very close series with the main characters at a very high level.

The Giants beat KRÜ and dream of reaching the VALORANT Champions playoffs

Do it for me! These were the last words of the KRY after its brutal destruction at the hands of the giants. The Latin American organization was going through hard times and very even series broke 2-0. Even though the cards were not converted, CRU complex giantsespecially on the map Pearlwhere the latinos forced overtime (over time).

Although the Giants made it 2-0, they were in a quandary for most of the series. And that’s what CRY and especially Angelo Mori”kesnitThey didn’t want to say goodbye to the tournament. Despite the excellent series of the Chilean duelist, The Giants managed to take an extra step to the quintet and calmly coped with the hot moments of the match. The 47 Keznit casualties in this episode did nothing to put KRÜ on the map. decide and went Giants who survived in VALORANT Champions 2023.

Team Malaga once again outstanding version from Adolfo Gallego “fit1nho“. The Spanish player played a decisive role throughout the series and was the biggest tool from containment giants to stop kesnit. Despite how dense the cards were, Daniil Meshcheryakov “pipsonHe managed to push the giants with tactical breaks to give the victory to the Spaniards.

Eliminating KRÜ Esports in a Hispanic duel, Giants are alive in VALORANT Champions. The giants will have one last chance to advance to playoffs this sunday August 13 against Edward Games. from 9:00 p.m.The Giants will face the Chinese team that was their rival in debut. The Spanish club will be able to avenge the 2-1 they got from EDward Gaming and possibly also shut up Zheng Yongkang in the process.zmjjKK“, WHO warmed up the atmosphere with your statements.

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