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Yes, they are on vacation too, Like a good part of the world, taking advantage of the summer, you listen to the artist inside Best of Cadena 100 Variety Music I also made a short parenthesis in your activity. Next, we tell you where and what’s trending and a more than deserved rest to return with more vigor after summer. Plus, they can help you think of future destinations for people who run away and feel like them.

Justin Biber

author of topics such as ‘stay’ hey ‘Child’ He wants to relax and spend time with his wife Hailey Bieber. since 2021 with your album ‘Justice’ We haven’t shied away from enjoying the new theme of pop legend Justin Bieber. We hope this ‘break’ will help you come back with recharged batteries and a fresh theme.

The Canadian artist has shared a series of photos on Instagram in which he finds himself with his partner on a boat and since then it looks like he is doing something big. destiny chose justin French RivieraThere’s no doubt that the Costa Azul is a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the scenery.



Back In addition to the media, the breakdown of the most painful In an in-depth tour, our favorite ‘motomami’, Rosalia, has decided to take it easy this summer by taking a well-deserved vacation.

In terms of ‘La Motomami’ is the last ‘rr’The album that he made this year in collaboration with his Esperanza with legendary songs, ‘Kiss’ ‘Vampire’. In addition, Rosalia Cerro Su ‘Motomami World Tour’ At the Lollapalooza festival in Paris on July 22.

Let’s go to Grano, look really interesting. Fate is the favorite chosen by the Catalan singer Pomegranate, a priceless place with a lot of history that without a doubt will allow you to get rid of so much drama and thus be able to return with more strength than ever. We at MegaStars can’t wait to hear the next subjects of ‘Motomami’.




The Spanish singer began pulling subjects in 2020, and it wasn’t until three years later that his recent signing became a possible option to represent Spain. eurovision Of the same year. Although the subject was not chosen ‘Nochantera’It doesn’t stop playing everywhere: clubs, restaurants, shops…

Vicko also wanted to reject this summer and chose Salau As a destination, to be able to enjoy its beaches and the epic park of PortAventura. The Spanish artist shared these images on Instagram and it looks like they’re going down amazingly well.


dua lipa

After appearing in the fashion film ‘Barbie’And with the launch of its theme, ‘dance the night away’, Dua Lipa deserves a vacation too. Although the British artist has recently faced copyright claims over his star theme, ‘flyer’ I didn’t want to stop enjoying it and this summer is no less for the singer.

El Destino de Dua is a huge day. it’s about la maravilosa GreeceWith its white houses and heavenly beaches, it is undoubtedly an idyllic destination. Looks like Lipa doesn’t want to escape the ‘pink world’ that ‘Barbie’ has discovered.


camilaca bilo

Our quintessential Cuban artist, Camila Cabello has left a trail on her social networks as to what her holiday destination has been this summer. At Megastar we know where it has gone but not with whom.

author of topics such as ‘Memory’ hey ‘Havana’broke up with the singer shawn mendes in 2021, but in April this year, they returned to the Coachella festival to be seen together more than ever. Fans captured a video of the kiss between the two actors, indicating a reconciliation. Nothing is confirmed as of now, but we at MegaStars hope the two are happy, together or apart.

camila cabello has decided to travel Puerto Rico To split up this summer and be back soon, we want to meet the new Cuban singer.



aitana and sebastian travel

After deleting a theme this summer, ‘Las Babies’Aitana wants to rest, and is with the author ‘Rogue’that’s all we’re talking about sebastian travel, Both the actors have been seen hanging out together on many occasions but neither of them has confirmed their relationship officially.


Plus if they looked together last July Colombia with the family of Sebastian travelingRegardless of the type of relationship, it’s clear that you take it seriously if family is involved.

This time the destination they have chosen to hang out together is ibiza, in a place that has repeated the Catalan singer in another summer, it is noted that she is in love with the island. This time she wanted to share her ‘heaven’ with Sebastian Yatra. Traveling is a lot like people seeing themselves after this summer vacation but also being romantic and excited to finally confirm their relationship.


Here are your favorite megastar cast destinations, ideas we’re already brainstorming, and where are you headed this summer? Which destiny do you like more than the ones we’ve nominated? We read you on Instagram.

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