Four cult artists, deprived of their own success

We always ask ourselves about artists who have managed to cross national borders and fill large stadiums at the request of their public. But both in the history of music and in the present scenario, great artists hide under their respective ghosts. These are called cultural artists. They will be artists with a smaller audience, based in the underground scene, but not because they are less talented. Suelan relies on more sensible and introspective music (as is the case with these four great artists) and it’s not bad once they get more recognition.

On the one hand, there is Jeff Buckley from California and son of the great avant-garde artist Tim Buckley. His career took off when he was discovered in a New York cafe, but it didn’t last long. Buckley managed to record only one album, which was published in 1994 under the name “Grace”, which was listed as a great debut album. Unlike other artists, Jeff was one of the few hyperreal artists who lived a relatively quiet life. This was the case until 1997, where he died by drowning in the Mississippi River at the age of only 29.At the end of the year, he met the same fate as his father, who had died of a heroin overdose earlier in the day.

Tim Buckley

Le Tambien: Behind the Start of the Dirigible: Led Zeppelin’s first album

Another great cult artist is Christa Pafgen, better known under the pseudonym “Niko”. He was born in Germany in 1938, as he lived under the leadership of Hitler. Nico introduced her to the music scene when she met Bob Dylan, who in turn introduced her to Andy Warhol when he was a model. This is how he ended up collaborating with The Velvet Underground on the famous album with Bananas on his back, giving him a great start to his career. Fighting a major battle with heroin, he tragically died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 49 after falling from his bicycle. Her album “Chelsea Girl” became one of her best known and best reviewed.


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Similarly, in 1994, Elliott Smith came out with his eponymous debut album. He comes from a very complicated childhood, where he was beaten and abused by his stepfather and has always been defined as a sad person with sadness. Like many artists, he never managed to take it too well with success, which is why he opted for drugs and alcohol to ease it. A dramatic scene after 34 years: Se clava un cuchillo en el corazón luego de una fuerte discus con su nuvia. He went on to publish seven albums throughout his career. Some of the best are “Either/Or”, “Elliott Smith” and “XO”.

cult artist

Elliott-Smith – photo by Wendy Redfern/Redferns

Finally, in the year ’69, where progressive rock and some psychedelia reigned, Nick Drake composed minimalist music. He was such an artist, who could not listen to him even after trying a million times. He became Marihuana’s best friend, causing him to lock himself in his room for so long, to the point that he began to develop a fear of playing live. It was a significant clinical depression diagnosis that I couldn’t get out of. If he commits suicide in his own home at the age of 26, he will have to remove three discs, his most famous work being “Pink Moon”.

cult artist

nick drake

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