Ferka casts a jealous eye on Maria Becerra

A few days before the grand finale of La Casa de los Famousos, Los Angeles Azules and Argentine singer María Becerra visited the reality set to perform live. His new theme is “El Amor De Me Vida”.

After a short concert with the program’s finalists dancing, the group met former housemates and did a short interview with Cecilia Galliano and Mauricio Garza, during which highlighted the expression of uneasiness on Ferka’s face And it didn’t take long for many internet users to conclude that it was all about jealousy.,

Is Ferka jealous of Maria Becerra?

While the conductors appreciated Maria Becerra’s participation and declared themselves admirers of her music, The camera managed to capture Ferca, who got an extra look at the young Argentine,

The clip went viral on social networks and many internet users gave their opinion on it. Ferka’s face revealed her skin The driver and even her lover, Jorge Llosa, were devoting all their attention to Maria Becerra.

“The camera just took ferca barriendo from the eyes of María Becerra”, “esa es una mujer que no soporta el brillo de otra mujer”, “que ve ferca, no nos puedes degenerates and has immediate consequences” ki si”, “Dios mio ¿por que esta mujer es asi?” or “Se ve cuando alguin tien nvidia…” Few comments were left on the video.

Let’s remember that Ferka has been criticized on several occasions on the network for being involved in various conflicts and controversies, even with other celebrities. Some internet users have put an expiry date on the career of the actress.Rather than win the displeasure of many people.

Who is Maria Becerra?

Maria Becerra is one Argentine singer and influencer, at just 23 years old, known for being one of the new referents of urban music in the country, thanks to topics like “bye” and “¿Que Mas Pues?”, the latter in collaboration with J Balvin.

Singers like Su Kat Edad have also worked with great artists. cashew, Raw Alejandro, Becky G, Tiny Stossel Y Camila Cabello.

In regards to what happened with Farka on Juve’s night, Looks like Mariah didn’t pay attention to the actress’ alleged glances And so far neither of the two famous people has spoken in this regard.

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