Favorite movie of Ibai Llanos: “I saw it at 3 in the morning and started jumping”

From cinephile to cinephile and we take it off because it touches us. If a few days ago we betrayed Christopher Nolan’s favorite comedy, today we betrayed him Don Ibai’s favorite film Llanos Garatia, And of course you never got it right. Twitch’s biggest streamers in Spanish are highlighted as one Korean film fan and Bong Joon-ho,

“with time, parasitos has become my favorite movie, I have a very rare story with Parasitos. i saw it at three in the morning Con raven en era COVID. I was practically asleep and I jump and jump and reach the sofa, If I have a movie, I’m half asleep and falling over. With Parasitos I was passing (in the beginning, because it was three in the morning, because Came streaming LoL and broke…), but I eventually give backflips, but actually flip, and that’s rare for me”.

No garland choice. Su 8 en FilmAffinity and su Palma d’Oro in Cannes Alla Por 2019 Asi Lo Ratification. Y Ank Currently not available on any streaming platform), managed to transform into parasites The first strap in a foreign language was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture., and he was one of the four idols that Koscho was in Hollywood (samdal director, screenwriter and most obviously, foreign film). As an exemption in elections.

Favorite movies of Ibai Lanos

But the story does not end here. Ibai has also shared his other major movies and here is the result I’m glad I’m back at Septimo Arte refer. Le Gustan Safe Apuestas Como Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Scorsese…watch your top movies:

“Before parasitos os habiera dicho Shutter Island, Cisne Negro, Un Ciudadano Example, Cadena Perpetua…but I believe if I have to choose now, it is Parasitos”.

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