Epic scenario in Italy for fight with Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk says Meloni agrees

l Twitter magnate and owner, now renamed X, and Tesla, Elon Musk, He assures in his profile of the controlling social network that he already has a place for him fight in a cage Who prepares against the owner of Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp), Mark Zuckerberg, According to the billionaire, it will always have a place “ancient Rome” Y will be rebroadcast live on both Meta and X Prime Minister of Italy (Giorgia Meloni) And with the Minister of Culture. I say I agree with the epic location”, Musk assured in a tweet. The benefits, he said, would go to war veterans.

“Everything will be with him Maximum respect for Italy’s past and present“, then clarified in another tweet, before which big hope has lit up the battle zuckerberg He is already taking training (38 years old entrepreneur). jiu-jitsu fan And have also won medals in this martial art). The new scenario represents a change in the script of the fight that pointed to take place in Las Vegas and is intended to be a mega advertising event for both social networks, with millionaire viewers expected, as well as between the two There is also a symbolic fight. The richest men and world celebrities, the main faces of the economic boom of technology companies.

to the gladiator

“Antigua Roma” count by one extensive monumental heritage This is likely the host of the fight, although the second tweet, “Gladiators”, clearly alludes to the Roman Coliseum, the main monument at the foot of the capital of the Old Kingdom, which dates back to AD 70 and held 50,000 spectators. is capable of. Even though the audience is sure that it will be online.

l Circo Maximo, the archaeological park where Travis Scott recently performed a concert, this could be another scenario where the show is offered, if it has generated controversy for the possibility of jeopardizing the legacy. The debate on whether or not to celebrate the events at the sea, which are historical places in Rome, is open.

second skin, in cipher

For now, main The fight that frees Musk and Zuckerberg is the economy, and hunger Elon Musk, who has a net worth of $226,000 million (205,820 million euros) And is ranked number one in the world, according to Bloomberg’s real-time rankings. Mark zuckerberg 10th on this list 186,000 million dollars (169,430 million euros).

In another fight, for the market, Zuckerberg recently launched Threads, a Twitter-like social network that wanted to compete with it, which started as a companion but then turned into a frenzy. For companies, Musk has introduced a number of changes to Twitter to reverse the losing momentum, such as, for example, creating blue pay checks, activating subscriptions, and changing the company’s logo and name, in addition to thousands of layoffs. Tesla, in turn, sees its profit (of 2,000 million euros) and income (over 20,000 million euros) shoot up.

Gol, on its part, grew its revenue by 11% to $32,000 million. (29,000 million euros) in 2022 and I get a profit of 9,392 million euros. The economic battle is being fought despite Musk’s lead. You have to see yourself in the ring, you can even compete with someone experienced in martial arts.

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