Elon Musk wants to make the blue pajarito disappear altogether

Elon MuskWant to give up everything that identifies the social network with the blue Pajarito, insert the substa twitter article indicated for those who identify this social network by its origin, the sale will take place next September 12 and will last for two days, where interested parties Purchase logos, artwork, furniture and artifacts related to the Twitter brand.

The sale will be handled by House of Substances Heritage Global Partners (HGP), which led the firm to publish on its website: “Exciting news! Twitter’s brand change Online uploads now include a wide variety of high-quality assets, including souvenirs, art, surplus workshop assets, luxury furniture, electronic products and more.

properties to be verified

Confirmed items will be accepted with an initial offer of $25 until the required amount is reached. Those who are interested can do it through the web of the House of Substases. Let us tell you that the delivery of the goods will take place in the coming months at X’s workshops located in the city of San Francisco, USA.

Properties include souvenirs, art, surplus workshop equipment, luxury furniture, electronic products and more. Among them, bird logos, “@” labels, neon lights, signs and random art are prominent.

Some of the images presented at the top are the viral selfie of American presenter Ellen DeGeneres at the 2014 Oscars ceremony celebrating the re-election of Barack Obama.

Luxury Furniture & Electronics

Twitter Olivier Dollery AFP.jpg 2023

Twitter logo on cell phone.

Twitter logo on cell phone.

Olivier Dulieri/AFP

The catalog also featured a range of sofas and tables, as well as multimedia entertainment systems, Google Jamboard, Apple and Samsung monitors, videoconferencing systems, Knoll “task rooms”, desks for work stations “task desks”, white and furniture seats , NEC projectors, an assortment of televisions and screens, speakers for Dolby and Polycom conferences, NEC monitors with portable ergonomic support.

break room kitchen,

LA Marzocco espresso machines, commercial blenders and mills, ice cream machines and Manitowoc beverage dispensers, Trollson kegerator refrigerators, beverage and air refrigeration systems, SS preparation tables, among other assets will also be supplied.

Those interested can view the catalog accompanying the property on the website of House of Substas Heritage Global Partners.

On July 24, Elon Musk surprised the world by abandoning “Larry,” which led him to call the iconic Blue Pajarito, replacing it with X,

Now I’m going to substar everything related to little blue “Larry” in order to give him a step by step X,


Source: CNN, Heritage Global Partners (HGP)

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