El Grupo Frontera Takes Its “Cominzo” To Mexico

According to EFE, the Texan group Frontera, exponent of the current pinnacle of the Mexican regional genre, takes its debut album “El Cominzo” to Mexico thanks to the support shown by the President of that country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Singer Adelado “Pyo” Solis III says, “The truth is, we’re so grateful for it because, if we’d never thought of moving from where we are, which is the Texas Valley, Imagine the President of Mexico recognizing you.” from Ciudad de Mexico.

Grupo Frontera includes on its disc 12 hit songs that were collected together with other artists in the previous year, such as “Que Vuelvas” with Carin León and “Unx100Two” with Bad Bunny, one of which reached number 50 in the world. Got first place. Most listened to songs globally on Spotify.

But Payo explains that his father showed his greatest pride when he shared a video of López Obrador showing three of the group’s hits on his morning press wheel: “No Se Va”, “Fragile” and “Unx100tu”, Considering them as exponents. Current Mexican Music.

“I was looking forward to meeting him in person and he sent us something, he sent some gifts for each of us and many thanks to AMLO (López Obrador)”, expressed the singer.

A breakthrough that transcends boundaries

The group, formed in the US city of Edinburg, Texas, achieved sudden success in 2022 with the regional Mexican version of “No Se Va” by Colombian group Morat.

It now has over 35.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

But Juan Javier Cantu, the group’s vocalist and accordionist, believes it is not sudden popularity, but the result of work and humility that has united them since 2019, when successful versions came.

“Their each season for the group and its like Frontera is the reason why we have gotten to where we are, because we always try to keep ourselves with feet on the ground when someone is doing Let us help. There is something wrong. We are here. We are all brothers,” he insists.

Grupo Frontera embodies the current pinnacle of the Mexican sector, a macrogenre that brings together bands, north, groups and corridos tumbados, now conquering international lists with three artists such as Carin Leon, Grupo Firme and Paso Pluma . who contributed to the group.

“We come from Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez. It is a task that these artists are already involved in, a difficult task and we are taking back Mexican music as well. I believe this is the moment, then the moment is now, now we have to carry the torch and thank God the public has given us that torch”, comments Alberto “Beto” Acosta, under fifth.

As his theme with Bad Bunny demonstrated, his success is not limited to Mexican audiences, which is why he now wanted to collaborate with singers such as Bruno Mars and Post Malone.

Of course, he realizes that he receives many messages on social networks from people who learn Spanish to listen to his songs, especially in the United States, he can remember that being a marginal he can “ni de aqui ni de Allah” is not.

“It means a lot to us (it’s successful in Mexico and the United States, we call ourselves Grupo Frontera because that’s where we’re from, from the border, we were born in Texas, we’re literally on the border with Mexico. It’s five minutes from where our family is”, says percussionist Julian Peña Jr.

Su turns from Mexico,

Despite its international success and its frontier origins, Grupo Frontera is confident that its greatest feeling is being around its masses in Mexico, where it begins its national tour on August 31 with a concert in the northern city of Monterrey.

“That’s what we came for, ‘El Cominzo’ is everything to us, because if we fight, if we fight, if (hubo) sweat, shed tears and everything to be able to get these songs out and now we wait and we can bring tears to the people singing our songs”, Julian concluded.


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