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singer Sullen was inspired by situations we all go through, just like her heartbreak, betrayal and friendshipto its elements Naturalness like rain, sunset or even weather.

However, there are times when some composers use other artists’ tunes as their predecessors, in some cases they are known as “samples”, even though they are more related to Hip HopAnd on other occasions it sounds the same song but with slight changes.

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Faced with this, one TikToker has set himself the task of highlighting some of the similarities between the songs. Themes like Dua Lipa and INXS, Kiss or Olivia Newton of the eighties.

Does Dua Lipa plagiarize?

through your account @tavoarraya A young man explains the similarity of songs between certain subjects dua lipa and Ochantera Band.

The first song to compare is Theme “broke my heart” with classic INXS, “Need You Tonight”, and as we can hear the guitar input chords are practically identical.

Prisoner’s Dale 2020 is another theme that compares to another classic“I Was Made For Lovin ‘You” In Kiss. The rhythm in this theme is very similar, not only from this part, but also from the second part. “Physical” In Oliva Newton Dand 1981.

Finally, we talk about the song that seems to be more una copy “love again” Thief “White Town” In your woman, More latest theme, but with a theme that shares the same tune from the beginning.

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on your channel Tik Tok @tavoarraya, If you want to see more comparisons between the themes of the new stars and groups that only listen to our dads, here are more comparisons for that. What do you think, is it plagiarism or inspiration?


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