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Now It’s Time to Talk About August News disney+, for the pleasure of nerdThis month’s list brings important names from across the universe Miracle it is star wars, in addition to revisiting cinema classics. See it all below:

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8/2 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 In this new chapter, the beloved group of Guardians settle in Nowhere. But their lives soon become troubled by echoes of their troubled past. Rocket. Like this, peter quill,chris pratt ), still recovering from the loss Gamora,zoe saldana

), must assemble his team on a dangerous mission to save his friend’s life.

8/11 – Spider-Man: Far From Home Peter Parker,tom holland ) returns inHSpider-Man: Far From Home , Our friendly superhero decides to team up with his best friends ned,Jacob Batalon , MJ,Zendaya ) and the rest of the gang for a trip to Europe. However, Peter’s plan to postpone the heroics by a few weeks backfires when he reluctantly agrees to help. Nick Fury,Samuel L Jackson

Unraveling the mystery behind the attacks of elemental beings.

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8/25 – Cinderella hey disney+ The premiere of Walt Disney’s restoration of the 1950 animated classic,cinderella

, as part of the centennial celebration of Walt Disney Animation Studios. This new remaster of the film is the first time audiences will see the film in 4K after the restoration and enhancements. The result is a version of the film that is restored to its original grandeur, more in line with the artistic ambitions of the studio’s creative team, and looks better than ever.


02/08 – A Great Dog (Season 1)* Adventures of an adorable dog manufacturing company!finny the corgi and her team of puppies formed by the courageous Rottweilerroxy sweet cowboy luna and the sweetest mastifftank

Pour the mud, sweat, and saliva of a little dog into helping our beloved city of Pittsburgh.

8/2 – Star Wars: Adventures of the Young Jedi (Season 1 – Part II) Set in the High Republic era, the animated series follows a group of youths as they study the ways of the Force, explore the Galaxy, help civilians and creatures in adversity, and acquire the valuable skills needed to become Let’s learnjedi

,09/08 High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Final Season)

, after a hot day at campshallow lake You feral cats back to east high where they prepare for the stageHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year , But plans are interrupted when Director Gutierrez declares that disney decided to make the long-awaited filmHigh School Musical 4: The Reunion

Of course, in your favorite school. 08/16 – 3 Hz

(first season) during a day at the pool with your friends, felix discovers something incredible: his old yellow Walkman captures voices from the year 1989. He and his friends are fascinated by these strange noises, but they also hear something disturbing… Felix’s mother,marijke

, having died shortly before, took a secret with him to the grave. So, the group decides to investigate the truth and on the way, they come across an environmental scam.

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(first season) series goes alongkif An optimistic female squirrel whose thirst for life leads her on countless adventures around her town, along with her best friend.Barry

, A cool rabbit. Set in a world where animals and bizarre magical beings deal with everyday life together, the pair grapple with school, relationships, and their often eccentric community.

08/16 – Minnie’s Bo-Toons: Camp Minnie (Season 1) minnie it is Daisy venture into the great outdoors when they decide to open a new business: Minnie’s Camp. with activity directorskylight little help from Koyal Loka

And the forest creatures come, the mischief never ends. Along the way, old and new friends join them, because the more the merrier! 08/23 – Star Wars: Ahsoka

(first season) established soon after the fall of the empire, Star Wars: Ahsoka tells the story of Ahsoka Tano, Garlanddawson

), who used to be a Jedi Knight while investigating an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

08/23 – The Owl House (Season 2 – Part III) after clashing withBeautiful everything changed inowl house , lights Lost the only way home eda lost its magic King He is about to lose his identity. But they’re still into each other, and together, they’ll do just about anything it takes. lights back in the human realm, help eda to face his inner demons and discover the truth about his past.


08/30 – Chip and Dale: Life in the Park (Season 2 – Part II)

In their eternal search for acorns, these downtrodden squirrels join Pluto, Butch and other iconic Disney characters as they battle bad guys big and small.

Special 08/18 –

when frank met carlitos There is a story that has been circulating on the internet for many years that tells of an alleged encounter carlos Gardel it isFrank Sinatra

, According to the story, in 1934 Gardel was performing on the NBC network in New York when a young fan approached, eager to meet “the great baritone of the River Plate”, none other than 19-year-old Frank Sinatra. Was. No one really knows what happened at that meeting (or even if it actually happened), but it served as the starting point for a very intriguing idea: the night Gardel and Sinatra was locked in a dressing room. The two began a friendship that was to last forever.

8/18 – LEGO┬« Disney Princess: Castle Adventure in this new specialLego Disney Princess: Castle Adventure ,Tiana ,Moana ,snow White , Rapunzel it is Ariel embark on an adventure as they are taken to a mysterious castle, but upon arrival they discover gaston

Devised an evil plan to establish dominance over all the states. Therefore, the princesses will need to work together to solve the challenges hidden in the castle and save the kingdom from Gaston’s hands. 05/25 –

Explorer: Lost in the Arctic

In 1845, Sir John Franklin set sail from England on an Arctic expedition with two ships and 129 crew and became the first to cross the Northwest Passage, a new trade route across the top of the world. However, the ships disappeared without a trace. Now, a team of explorers tries to solve the mystery by retracing Franklin’s path.

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