Daniel Sancho’s incredible relationship with one of the most important series on HBO Max

Andl Daniel Sancho case The world is making a comeback and as a result, there are many who are taking advantage of the media ‘Tirone’ from Edwin Arrieta’s Assassinato. thailand, For this, it highlights the bond that now unites a well-known series on the platform hbo max With the son of actor Rodolfo Sancho.

it’s about imagination ‘The White Lotus’, one of the most critically acclaimed and which has already premiered two seasons. A detail of the series is that each delivery saved in different placesFeeling Hawaii the protagonist of the first and Italy the chosen location for the second.

Where Will ‘The White Lotus’ Be Recorded And What Does It Connect To Daniel Sancho

Facing third season, set to premiere end of 2023 or beginning of 2024The tour will travel to Thailand, despite the fact that earlier rumors suggested they would visit the Maldives. The country in Southeast Asia has been the center of news during the last few days, of course, since the Spanish Daniel Sancho is lodged in Koh Samui jailcharge of premeditated murder.

On the exact same island where the son of actor Rodolfo Sancho is housed, it will be one of the areas where some scenes will be recorded One of the stars of the HBO Max series. In addition, they will also visit other places Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the Golden TriangleAlong with this, they are also supporting variety.

At the moment, Fiction has not revealed the new data sheet for ‘The White Lotus’, although it is expected Natasha Rothwell Fallback On the other hand, there are rumors about the presence of famous actors such as Jennifer Aniston, Bette Midler, Danny DeVito or Connie Britton.

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