Blizzard explains that Illari, her new heroine, must have an origin

Overwatch 2 experienced a renaissance in terms of relevance with the start of season 6, Invasion, This week. But, above all, with the arrival of his new heroine Illari of Peruvian origin. Blizzard blew the fence with credibility and wanted pay homage to the country and its culture through characterbut judging by the interview they did with 3DJuegos LATAM, it won’t be the last we see this week.

With the introduction of the Peruvian character, who even speaks Quechuait was only logical for us to ask if there would also be a map dedicated to Illari and by extension Peru, and the developers almost confirmed it…almost. “Maybe there are hints in the game already” said, between laughter, Piero Herrera, chief designer.

“I don’t know what we can talk about, but I can say that Illari has a very rich past and we all come from somewhere (laughs)“, Joshi Zhang, Narrative Designer, Blizzard

“It’s not something thrown away”told 3DJuegos LATAM, to which Rakah Khamash, senior character artist, added: “Let’s stop there (laughs), you said it, not me”. The playful mood in the statements suggests that, indeed, a thematic map of Peru will appear in Overwatch 2in the end.

What’s in Overwatch 2: Invasion

In addition to Illari, a new support hero Overwatch 2Invasion will add: new story missions, a new PVP mode called Critical Point, new PVP maps, a new Hero Mastery mode, a new battle pass, an Underworld co-op event, an Illari launch event, and a Hero Mastery event. Invasion Available from August 10th.

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