Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner vacation in Italy with their kids

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Ben Affleck is vacationing in Europe and has focused on his kids. This time, he left the Los Hamptons with Jennifer Lopez to reconnect with his family and show that he has a good relationship with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

The actor traveled to Italy in a private jet that landed in Florence and got emotional seeing them again. Violet, Seraphina and Samuel flee into the arms of their priest and the images spread. page six,

Jennifer Garner in her family who also went with her children hug him, The two posed with a lot of smiles and seemed to be getting on well with each other, despite their breakup being a bit turbulent, but they seem to have a good relationship after that time.

The couple, who met in the year 2001, recently made a film pearl harbor I had been married for ten years, which also coincided with the Japanese attack on military forces in World War II. DaringTwo years later.

ben affleck wi jennifer garner The first years of their relationship proved to be very strong and secure, going through problems before the birth of their last child, after which the waters seemed to have calmed down, however, their marriage deteriorated and they filed for divorce. Took a decision it till the end.

Ben Affleck is holidaying in Italy with his sons and ex-wife Jennifer Garner.Source: Page Six

ben affleck regrets his mistake divorce from jennifer garner

In an interview with Diary the new York Times In 2019, ben affleck Talked About Her Love Life And Sure She Regrets It divorce from jennifer garner, The reason for their separation was his alcohol problem which caused him to go to rehabilitation centers several times.

Apart from the troubles he faced with his health, the actor confesses that his relationship with the actress was one of the best as she always supports him in his problems. The motto of “Buena Madre” is that everything you do is for the good of your children.

ben affleck I made sure you feel better now and feel good for them so you can enjoy more time with your family.

“The biggest regret of my life is this divorce, it was my biggest mistake”, says the new York Times, After they split, the director confessed that Robert Downey Jr. and Bradley Cooper helped him not to relapse.

On the other hand, Jennifer Garner also assured him that she considered him the love of her life and had no regrets about being with him; On the contrary, I was very happy, because you are a good priest. The couple tried to save their relationship through therapy, and the expert says they should think about their children, putting the priest’s list first so they can party in peace.

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