Alternative that does not get fat at all and helps to lose weight

Do not refuse sweets anymore: an alternative that does not get fat at all and also helps to lose weight

Lose weight and enjoy rich dessert These seem to be two incompatible ideas. When we are about to lose weight, the first thing we think about is surrender is candy. Saying goodbye to dessert is the first step towards achieving our goals.


The secret is not in refusing dessert, but in the ability to choose it correctly. There are many healthy alternatives that, by combining them with a balanced diet dominated by fruits and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle, we can feed this worm and continue to take care of our line. Foods such as fruits, dark chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, oatmeal or vegetable drinks, among others, can be great allies for this.

Today we bring you the idea of ​​a dessert or even a snack that can be used between meals. nothing will make you fat. A sweet widely consumed in Spain that can fill you up and contains almost no calories. But the best its health benefits and specifically for women’s bone health.

The secret is in the gelatin, type pure and natural protein which has a large number of health benefits due to its gelatin content.It also contains amino acids, fiber and proteins, which our body needs.

Gelatin will be your best weight loss ally

jelly The Perfect Supplement any diet and will allow you to stay full and with a disguised sweet tooth. They will also help you boost your metabolism and burn fat, and are very low in calories. ORn A 125g glass of gelatin contains only 18 calories. approximately.

Better to avoid industrial jellies found in supermarkets as they have become a rich source of sugars and sweeteners that are not healthy.

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