Your legal situation is complicated by an allegation of another six counts of sexual assault

Lizzo faces a new complaint and her judicial situation becomes more complicated

Lizzo faces a new complaint and her judicial situation becomes more complicated

legal status of lizzo It got worse in the last few hours due to the testimony of six instances, whose identities have been decided to be protected for the time being, who have accused the singer of sexual harassment. Lawyers for the three dancers who have already filed suit in the courts, Ariana Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez, informed the Page Six portal that they have received “At Least” Six New Allegations Against Lizzo With “Similar Stories” A las que or fueron expuestas.

Attorney Ron Zambrano said his firm conducted a detailed investigation into the recent allegations and confirmed they were testimonials from members of his reality show. Lizzo’s eye on the big girls, “Three dancers spoke out with courage and shared their experiences, who opened doors for other people who empowered themselves to be able to do the same,” said the lawyer. “The allegations are linked to a highly sexually charged work environment and we are evaluating whether we can act with justice and are very ready to make a decision”, the person concluded on the new evidence presented and Told how they would be included in the root cause.

Lizzo's Last Grammy Award

Lizzo won the last Grammy Award for “About Damn Time” – credit: @FRAZER HARRISON

A week earlier, three of Lizzo’s former dancers filed a lawsuit accusing the singer of posing to them sexually abusive situations or give They are being pressurized to participate in disturbing sex shows. Ariana Davis and Crystal Williams claim they were given a send-off, while a third, Noel Rodriguez, decided to resign as a result. “terrible behavior” from artist.

The episodes narrated on Dicha Demand took place in February this year during the singer and her staff’s stay in Amsterdam, where Lizzo performed with her show. According to the confessions of the three dancers, on one of the last nights on the town, Lizzo invited her entire team to go out to have fun and everyone ended up in the “Red Zone”, which housed her stores, clubs, and clubs. and was known for. nudist bars, How the whistleblower commented, breaking down the boundaries between the personal and the professional,

Singer Lizzo's judicial situation has deteriorated

Singer Lizzo’s judicial situation has deteriorated

“I need to get control quickly.” Lizzo began inviting cast members to play nude actors., holding sex toys launched from the private areas of the performers and eating bananas from their private parts”, the demand submitted could be read. Davis, on his part, told that Lizzo had forced him to play one of the performers who danced naked at the venue.

All three whistleblowers agreed that they felt “intimidated” when working with Lizzo. Davis recalled an “unbearable” casting, with no other option than to “breathe out” on stage “due to fear of consequences” and asked Lizzo to go to the bathroom. The dancer was fired “in the act”, not the singer who buried one of her dates. However, Rodríguez assured that “he feared Lizzo intended to kill him and Hubera became one of the other dancers at Hubera who intervened”.,

On the contrary, you need to loan

Lizzo Hablot de la Denuncia en Su Contra – credit:

A few days after the condemnation, the singer spoke through an article published on her social networks. “I am not here for you to see me as a victim, but also for you to see me as a victim I know I am not the villain that people and the media have portrayed in the past.Comment Lizzo El Jueves Psado.

In the past, Hablo de los Dias has been “disguisedly difficult and extremely depressing” about what he is going through and assured that his work ethic, his ethics and his character have been put under the magnifying glass because of these allegations. “These sensationalized stories come from instances whose behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional. Sometimes I have to make tough decisions, but I never intend to make anyone feel uncomfortable or undervalued as an important part of the team”, he explained.

On the other hand, he assured that he was so sincere in his statements that he ended up playing against it. ,I am very open about my sexuality and expressing myself, but I cannot accept or allow people to use this openness to see me as something I am not. I added the artist who has always been active in favor of diversity and body positivity. We must remember that there is an abuse in demanding which goes against the very spirit of what the singer is fighting for. “The nature of the treatment Lizzo and her management team have given to her artists goes against everything the singer represents in public: in private, she is angry with her dancers and humiliates them in ways that does which are totally discouraging”, he assured counsel for the plaintiffs.

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