‘Wonder Woman 3’ not in process despite Gal Gadot’s recent comments

It looks like, despite Gal Gadot’s recent comments, Wonder Woman 3 may not be getting in the way of the new Warner Bros.

Recently, in an interview with Flaunt Magazine, she mentioned that James Gunn, Peter Safran and she, together, decided to develop a Wonder Woman 3.

However, a recent report by Variety suggests otherwise. Sources with knowledge of the situation have informed Variety that a third film is not in the works. A third installment is no longer in development at DC Studios and it appears Gunn and Safran have no plans to revive the Wonder Woman project in the new DC Universe. In a recent Flaunt Magazine profile, Gadot appeared to reassure fans that Gunn and Safran would develop the film.

The sources also said that I never promised Gadot to continue the franchise with Wonder Woman 3. Nor has there been any definitive discussion about Gadot’s involvement in the new DC Universe.

When Patty Jenkins was sidelined by the leadership at Warner Bros., it was unclear if there would be a Wonder Woman 3. Gadot’s most recent comments on the film were made before the SAG-AFTRA fight.

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