Will the Uncharted sequel be successful?

  • The producer Charles Rowen ensure that the sequel unresolved keeps growing inside Sony,
  • if you don’t know if tom holland will return as nathan drake for the second part of unresolved,
  • end of first strap pose clues about the future The franchise could carry over to cinema, drawing closer to the game’s plot for the next delivery.

nathan drake is still Great aircraft to conquer new territories and treasures, so the creator has confirmed it Charles Rowen, which ensures that the sequel unresolved -Strap 2022 starring Tom Holland-, it’s still in line up In projects promise of Sony and PlayStation.

Based on the popular franchise of the video game, unresolved follow the adventurer and the thief nathan drake and not your ever-reliable master Sully (Mark Wahlberg), in search of the lost treasure of magellan, However, it This will not be the last adventure of their characters, So continuity will start to develop within Sony in the near future.

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Will Uncharted 2 reinvigorate the franchise in cinema?

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the producer Charles Roven gives new update on tax exemption In unresolved inside sony, what instead first strap will be victorious in tequila And leave the door open for new deliveries.

“We had an incredible time with this film” Senalo Rowan, assuring that Fans of the saga of Videojuegos certainly “Amaron La Strap”, Apart from this, the public who is unaware of its history nathan drake Before it hits the theatres, you must watch the production in the cinema if you are even interested in sports.

“Los fans La Amarone, people who knew nothing about Uncharted loved it too” Detailing the sentence to the creator The affection for the first film didn’t go unnoticed inside the studio, For this reason, plans are being made to continue its history.

“We are definitely working to bring bad movies unresolvedHe is a boy”

Charles Rowen, THR.

Since its inception, it has existed Big rumors about the continuation of the film, Any Singles Por Las Ascenas Final Day unresolved For those who plan to follow history, ring the bell because Current PlayStation plans aim to take many of its properties to cinema and television, In really huge projects.

unresolvedBeing one of its most popular franchises, it certainly has a saga the studio would like to explore, What does Rowen’s confirmation do beyond Sony’s interests in continuing the franchise? the idea of ​​is even more likely Laver a la pantala grande no una, sino multiples seculas In unresolved,

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Could Uncharted be about to undergo major changes?

At the moment it is not known whether its sequel will come or not. unresolved Working with a screenwriter on the project counts – a task that would be difficult to accomplish given the current load of writers -; But Other artists have already shown interest To return to history.

Among them, Mark Wahlberg commented that if a sequel unresolved so “Bigger, more interesting and more exciting than the first part”, There’s no doubt that someone will return to give Sully a lifeline.

However, since the idea of ​​continuing unresolved, Tom Holland has remained quiet about reprising his role as Nathan Drake, At the time of the announcement of the big screen adaptation, major doubts arose regarding the choice of actor as the iconic character.

On the other hand, it will be difficult unresolved follow without tom holland Being part of the sequel, it firmly established the foundation of the personalities in the first part of the story, And finding an actor to replace him would not be so viable.

However, it has been rumored unknown 2 can continue with a leap in timeshow more Nathan Drake is more mature and more connected to the Games’ protagonistTo face the most iconic missions of the original content.

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Does Sony already know where you want to take the story?

First belt of both if your actors come back or not unresolved i left the door open to the great world of franciscia In cinema, counting down with certain scenes which take the next step nathan drake in the world and unsolved mysteries.

it is known between them Nathan’s brother, Sam, isn’t dead, A prison bell hidden in some corner of the planet. Later, one of the scenes between the credits renders Gage, a villain directly related to the great antagonist Gabriel Roman of games.

Tips Clues give an idea about where you can go unknown 2, with principles pointing to Nate will look for his brothera la par en que part en un res contra el tiempo para Get to the treasure before Roman finds it. It is very likely that the treasure will lead its heroes to that El Dorado City, linked to the plot of the original game of unresolvedWhere Roman was the main villain.

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