What was the cause of death of Gustavo Cerati? Today it will be 64 years

He is remembered for what he is today 64th Anniversary of Iconic Argentinian Composer Gustavo Cerati, Nearly a decade after he left, mystery behind death De Uno de los referentes del rock en español continues to be a cause of interest and speculation.

You can’t talk about rock in Spanish without mentioning Gustavo Cerati, an artist who remains present in the music of this musical genre thanks to his songs with Soda Stereo and as a solo artist.

Gustavo Cerati, leader and vocalist of the influential rock band Soda Stereo, suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) After a concert in Caracas, Venezuela on 15 May 2010.

After being in a coma for many years, Argentina finally Died on 4th September 2014 due to respiratory failure After being in a coma for four years. His death plunged millions of fans into the duel and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding his illness and death.

Along with medical reports and official statements, they provided few details about the state of Cerati’s health following the ACV, the underlying cause of his cerebrovascular accident, and his subsequent death. It’s not clear yet, It has been speculated that factors such as smoking, stress and intense musical activity may have contributed to his precarious health.

Instagram: Gustavo Cerati

fanatics have expressed their desire Find out more about the exact circumstances that led to Cerati’s death, And some even called for a thorough investigation into the medical management he received while he was in a coma. However, until its closure, medical officials and Cerati’s family have kept most of the medical details private.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his departure, Gustavo Cerati’s musical legacy continues to resonate throughout the world. His influence on rock music in Spanish and his ability to create emotional and pioneering compositions continue to inspire musicians and followers alike.

On this day, which would mark his birthday number 64, fans gather to honor his memory and remember the lasting impact he left on the global music scene.

Music career of Gustavo Cerati

Gustavo Adrián Cerati was born on 11 August 1959 in Buenos Aires. He is the eldest son of the family formed by three brothers, Single guy, and since he was a young boy, he showed a strong interest in music, which is why at the age of 12 he started learning guitar and formed a trio with him that performed at private parties.

His main musical influences were groups such as David Bowie and King Crimson, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, as well as guitarists Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple).

In 1979, at the University of El Salvador, while he was studying advertising, he met Héctor “Zeta” Bosio (future Soda Stereo bassist) who, along with another group of students, spent a few hours of his class playing the band. spent inventing names for the rock.

Photo: Instagram Gustavo Cerati

In 1982, Cerati and “Zeta” Bosio began to form a group in which he would play his own themes, which is why he came to know about Charli Alberti through Gustavo’s sister, which solidified the project of integrating Soda Stereo.

80s retro rock trio i was ready ASI: Gustavo Cerati, vocals and guitar; “Zeta” Bosio on bass, and Charlie Alberti on drums.

Since its inception, the group has been concerned with building its image, helped by Alfredo Lois, a partner at the university. took care of the details aestheticMake-up, hairdo and more covers of Adelante, first records and concerts.

The first rendition was in 1983 at airport discos and stud free pubs, going on to tour the “pub” circuit, with an obligatory gig at Cafe Einstein and Zero, with the best of the “underground” movement where Sumo and Los Twist As the bands played.

Soda Stereo signed a contract with CBS record company in August this year; and in 1984 started recording from your first content”stereo soda“Under the artistic production of Federico Moura and which was presented in December at the Astros Theater in Buenos Aires.

Instagram: Gustavo Cerati

Your second production was “nothing personal” (1985), as well as “Cynos” (1986), “White Noise” (1987), “Double Life” (1988) and “Languais” (1989).

en los 90’sCerati and his group went on to market “Cancion Animal” (1990), “Re Mix” (1991), “Dynamo” (1992), “Zona de Promesas”, (1993), “Sueno Stereo” (1995) and . “Relax and Music for the Flight” (1996 MTV Unplugged edition).

Ann 1997 The band announced its disbandment, which is why it did its last tour of Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina. Likewise, documentation of his last performance was released on a double disc titled “El Ultimo Concerto”.

Even after the disbandment of the obtuvo group recognition and success Solitude with albums such as “Natural Strength”, “Ahí Vamos”, “Amor Amarillo”, “Bocanada” and “Siempre Es Hoy”.

It connects a cult with different lovers Grammy, MTV, Konex and Gardel. Furthermore, for his background he was named Ciudadano Illustre by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

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