Valorant: A journey that continues for the European hero, Fnatic becomes third in the main champion phase.

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Fourth day of clashes within Champions tactical shooter Riot Games, where the latest teams will make their debut as part of the competition to demonstrate their quality of play and their preparation against other regions, this day the participation of Spanish-speaking teams will be seen with difficult games. for both within the tournament.


Starting the day we have a showdown KRU due to paper rex on the map of split which starts on a positive note for the PAC Champions with anything Give accurate shots that left things at 8-4 when switching sides jinggg He showed up in a fight to clear a few key losses that would have put the Latinos in a bad spot and went 13-7. The second fight will take place Pearl chosen by the Asians, who managed to get an important advantage in the first minutes of the game, having mad at the mind who manages to give them precise utilities that help make it 8-4 by switching sides, the reaction of the pink squad was good, but it would not be enough thanks to D4v41 who managed to knock them down and finish the match 13–8.

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For the second duel we have Edward Gaming due to giants with a map of split where do we see fit1nho respond with a rather aggressive Raze that leaves them in good shape to score 9-3, the second part featured a high caliber response from a Chinese team that would have sent the match into overtime but it would have been a team of giants he handled. to close things from 15-13. The second fight will take place bind with both teams starting fairly evenly, leaving the score 6-6 in the first half, the rhythm will be maintained similarly in the second half, but it will be EDG who will manage to push forward with nobody which would give them the key to a 13-11 victory. With things even we move on to ascent how to decide where Nobody put the case in favor of the Chinese team with a score of 7-5, in the second half the situation will remain favorable for the EDG team, which will mark the rounds in which they managed to finish the game with a score of 13-8.


Coming to the final meeting of the day Bilibili Gaming will face fnatic for the third quota for the main phase with a map Harbor that the European team began to dominate the match thanks to the ability booster i.e. 10-2, with the switch sides we still have control of the match in favor of the yellow team, which manages to settle things with a score of 13-2. Let’s move on to the second map. Lotus With derke making the presence to be able to punish their opponents several times, leaving the score 9-3, in the second part the teamwork presented by the European squad was able to win the match with a score of 13-8.

So we have victory PRX and EDG that they would have to face each other to advance to the next round, on the other hand CRU and the Giants they will have to fight each other to stay in the fight, in turn the Fnatic team manages to dominate BLG be able to be third classified into the main phase accompanying EG and DRX.

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