These are the haircuts that will rock next season

If you’re thinking of switching up your look during the holidays, we’ve got the help of an expert to tell you which hair trends will stand out at the end of summer.

After summer, it is common to go to the hairdresser to clean and repair hair. Would you like to take advantage of this for a change in look? A plan is worth it. We give you the best ideas to give your hair a fresh air this season with the hottest haircuts that will be a trend in autumn.

subtle and blunt bob

l bob It is maintained every year with minor changes. For this autumn-winter period, it is a great option to clean your hair after the beach and pool season, but always with a beautiful and comfortable line,

stylist alex sestelloowner of the beauty salon of the same name in the Madrid Barrio de Salamanca, it is clear that she bob has come to stay but predicts that in the coming season the trend will be the cutest version The most famous and successful haircut among them is celebrities,

“Next season, my version will be cut a lot bob (Never under the barbell) that will move strongly: subtle, italian, blunt…and in different finishes, mainly braided, bouncy, wavy, textured, in layers… A safe and friendly bet, in equal parts” says the expert.


This is one of the haircuts that were introduced last year and that became popular in the first half of 2023. Miley Cyrus, Jenna Ortega or Alexa Chung It looks like Ya Han Lucido Y will continue to make a splash for the rest of the year by becoming one of the most sought-after trends in hairdressing salons. This is a cut that looks great on short or very short hair as well.

Sestello tells us how this tan cut is in fashion in recent times: “It is characterized by wearing many layers, especially from Coronilla, and the tips were finely demonstrated, It is a genre that has been reinvented. In addition, it is suitable for people of all ages as it has a rejuvenation point, as well as its own folds, marking the base of facial features such as cheeks or mouth.” he says.

long pixie

mia farro cut the fashion angel happy 60 years Look on the movie playing La Semilla del Diablo. Since then, it has been emulated on countless occasions, becoming one of the most famous haircuts in the world. people known as Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Winona Ryder, Ursula Corbero or the same Rihanna Han Lucido El Pixie Cut, a very short hair cut that was listed as male at the time.

cut for next season angel It won’t be such a small bell that extends to different lengths, Compared with the smooth polished ones, the natural texture is dominated. “In general, long hair will not be taken XXL, but more thoroughly clavicle Or slightly overlapping the shoulders, with paraded ends and with flacillos drapes on one or both sides, which will be great allies to give dynamism, speed and bring creativity to the hairstyle” explains Cestello.

color trends

What will be the trend in terms of hair tone? Experts clarify that “at any limit, they will win Locks with a subtle contrast between the darker root and the lighter mid-lengths and ends, but in a delicately graded way. A fall that does not provoke such radical effects, but is rather subtle, discreet and delicate.

Looks like doing this would result in a very noticeable trend from deep ruby ​​to darker hair Caramel tones, chestnuts, cobrazos and hazelnuts If they paint in the color of the season. Experts tell us that these tones will be combined with the strands to revive the hair and give it more dynamism and shine.

among the lightest hairs Triunfaran Los Vanilla Tone, A very attractive and warm tone due to its creaminess that illuminates the face and hair and we bet on some hair too piece of moneyDikir, those light and shiny locks that frame the face.

Jenna Ortega shaving a shaggy cut in a hazelnut tone. (Gtrs)

What’s up with the hairstyles?

Alex Sextello in Hairstyling Questions pointed out that there will be two trends that will be strong in the autumn-winter season: waves and sparkle,

The waves return with more force than ever and are embraced to their fullest extent, drinking with a relaxing breeze and the influence of Despenado Perro They are also performed in pure Hollywood style.

Stylists tell us about the trends sparkle, which will continue to be one of the most sought after in hairdressing salons. “For parties and events, the trend of the moment continues sparklewhich is nothing else to apply stickers Add Brillo gems (de quita y pon) to the hair to get the most creative hairstyles of the moment. On the Mechon soil, asymmetrically throughout the hair, following the line of the hair or based on the collection, there are some options for sophisticated hairstyles” he says.

you already know what trend In hair cuts, colors and hairstyles, own your vacation return?

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