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I wanted to emulate the success of ‘The Twilight Saga’ but the reviews were too negative.

twilight saga It was a hit in all the theaters and was another great story that I wanted to repeat. However, the result was a disaster. Stephenie Meyer writes a saga of groundbreaking novels that connect the love story of humans Bella Swan (kristen stewart) and the vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). In 2008, the author published a science fiction report that was turned into a film, but it was unsuccessful and destroyed the entire universe with two planned sequels.

Host (La Huésped) premiered in cinemas in 2013 and was presented with a part led by Saoirse Ronan and Diane Kruger. Set in a future where humanity has been nearly destroyed by an alien invasion. extraterrestrials receive the name of “Almas” and They live inside the bodies of their victims and blur their memory,

Melanie StriderThe protagonist is different, as she preserves her sanity and rebels, which will turn her to her cause. seeker, a spirit that seeks to convert all remaining human beings. Melanie Hui searches for the man she loves, but when she learns his whereabouts, things get complicated.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have done more for cinema than anyone else thanks to ‘Twilight’: “They took advantage of their position”

As you can see, the story of The Host (La Huspede) have similar elements twilight saga: romance, fantasy – in this case, science fiction – and young people as protagonists. So, why is this film not repeating its success?

The Host (La Huspede) I had a budget of $40 million, but I expected more 63 million dollars All over the world, this turns into a failure of Tequila. Beyond that, reviews were negative. It is clear that the novel on which it was based was on the best-seller list. new York Times During Mucho Tiempo, however, Meyer’s planes were wiped out.

The author confirmed that she was working on a literary sequel and that it would most likely become a trilogy. The latter two novels were titled discoverer or the soul, Meyer I never got them to write, but the plans were adapted for the big screen, Of course, it’s a thing of the past The Host (La Huspede) had failed.

During the film’s premiere in March 2013, screenwriter and director Andrew Niccol said EW Joe wanted to write the libretto for the sequel. “Read me the book, Stephanie. You shouldn’t be here. You should be writing”. Bromeo Film Producer.

“I’m working at school. I don’t know if it will be a trilogy or not. It’s up to you whether I reach the end or not. We’ll see where the story ends”, replied the author. It is possible that the bad results of the film meant that Meyer lost interest in continuing Melanie’s story. Hence, fans were left wanting to know the fate of the protagonist. On paper as well as on the big screen.

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