The real reason for the lens as part of RM and his vintage costumes

south korean singer Kim Nam-joonpopularly known as MRI In btsEach of his outfits boasts of a special feature.

BTS: The real reason for the lenses as part of RM and his old costumes

BTS: The real reason for the lenses as part of RM and his old costumes

Thanks to their impressive talent towards music, the South Korean group BTS has managed to win the hearts of millions of people from different parts of the world. loss idols from this side k-pop His specialty is to display ostentatious styles of dress, demonstrating an interest in the variety of clothing he wears. However, the singer namjoon He demonstrated a diction that had become characteristic of all his public appearances with his comrades: Lens,

MR lens

Despite having a huge fan following and an impressive musical talent, renowned rapper RM has gone through moments where he felt very insecure because of his physical appearance. During his eight-year career, the South Korean singer has managed to establish himself as a leader bangtan sonyondanMaintaining a glorious path to success.

Along with being the first member recruited to form BTS, Name-June She has shown in recent years that she is one of the most talented members of the band, winning the hearts of millions of fans with her beauty and friendliness. However, despite being a very valuable member to the group, MRI He harbored a sense of insecurity that affected him for a long time.

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On his debut with BTS, Kim Nam-joon It was characteristic of him to wear dark glasses at every public performance with the band, which many fanatics believed he did to look cool. To the lamentation of thousands, MRI He wore lenses to hide his face because he didn’t feel pretty enough to be part of the group.

Luckily, reality makes RM look at life differently. The South Korean rapper learned to love herself by overcoming her fear of showing her face in public. this decision of Name-June a lot of praise has arisen in his mind community ArmyWho never gets tired of supporting the leader of their favorite band.


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