The Nike Calum Zuecos Are The Best Kinds To Take This Summer (And Which Autumn Of The Year)

In late June, Nike presented its star piece for this summer, the Nike Calm Keys. There is no one that nike si nueva en el mundo de las chanclas. de hecho, tien las futuristas mmw 005 hello Sandal version of his legendary Air Max 1, to mention just a few of the various examples you have on your website. However, his specialty Nike Calum is a model many remember from Adidas and Kanye West’s Yeezy slides,

Taking advantage of the debacle between the German firm and the rapper, the sports firm has taken the lead with a minimalist design sandal with a pizza sole in EVA rubber, a heavy sole with tiny grooves and a discreet swoosh on the side. A piece of simple and rounded lines that is reminiscent of the Yeezy models that were trending and at the same time, it has so much in common that it doesn’t look like a literal copy.

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However, what no one expected is that the American brand still has something cool enough under its sleeve to overcome its own chanson: Los nike cool zoocos, Over the years, this type of footwear has taken a leading position in the wardrobes of even the most fashion-conscious people. On the one hand, the Boston model of Birkenstock began to work ironic fashionista wonders. On the other hand, the trend of legendary crocs thrived among ugly shoes To pierce the looks of Generation Z’s style icons, among them Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, Post Malone or most recently Lil Nas X, who have collaborated. Suddenly, from night to morning, Zuecos have migrated to the bottom line of Zapatero to become one of the preferred choices for finishing off most urban wear.Both in the summer with the wind and in the winter with boots to protect themselves from the cold.

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Since then, iterations on both brands have multiplied, such as Birkenstock’s gum models or Crocs’ platformed designs, not to mention exclusive collaborations with firms like Palace. But they spread to other houses as well, which entered this distinct world without thinking about it: New Balance stamped its N on one, Yeezy acquired the Foam Runner, and Adidas repackaged its Adilette in blue. changed and even luxury brands such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Dior or Loewe included them in their catalog.

On its part, Nike is not far behind and we have already seen some Zuecos in its designs, such as the Jordan System.23 or the Jordan Hex Mule. However, now it has launched possibly its most sophisticated and luxurious design ever. The Nike Calm Zueco is an upgraded version of all the Zueco you know, Along the same lines as its sister chanclas, this model with a rounded silhouette also features a comfortable heavily serrated bottom and sensillo swoosh tallado on the side, but unlike the chanclas, it tapers off the tip—otherwise, it’s a clear Zueco. does not happen -. To accommodate this, a canvas strap encircles the back of the heel and is secured with a rifurzo of the same material as the Nike word front, as on the back of your best shoe.

At the moment, it is rumored that the Nike Calm shoes will be available Three monocolor variants: olive, black or gray, However, its launch date or its final market price has not been confirmed yet, though the American company is expected to do so in the coming days considering the model has already been launched.

Courtesy of Nike

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