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Last Monday night at around 21 o’clock the news of death came jose luis perales, middle world media They published that the popular singer died of a heart attack at the age of 78leaving the music world in Spanish as an orphan.

one death turns out to be ‘fake new’As the artist clarified a few minutes later with great humor through a video that he published on his official Twitter profile.

From London, where he was enjoying a holiday with his family, the singer-songwriter made it clear with a smile that he “More Alive Than Ever”,

Maintaining his characteristic good humor, he denied that he had fallen victim to the genre’s news coverage because of its popularity, as had happened to Michael Jackson and several other celebrities in recent years.

The spread of ‘fake news’

Prevalence of bulls as false death of Perales Demoestrán Una The spread of ‘fake news’, At the core of the events there is a need to increase the experts consulted by the EFE Agency verification methods and media literacy of the population.

“You don’t have to touch your hands to your head, networks work that way, and we have to get used to it”Recalls EFE Myriam Redondo, a journalist specializing in international communications and digital disinformation, who points out that platforms such as Twitter, in which bullets are easily fired from anonymous accounts, are “We Used To Impulse” already published “mechanically and thoughtlessly”,

According to Redondo, the main problem lies in this type of information. “The media also falls prey to misinformation”When? “These are incredible opportunities for the media to reclaim their identity as essential and credible institutions” which is capped by a dynamic “You need to be able to post something fast”,

The spread of bullies like the false death of Perales reflects the spread of ‘fake news’ , sopa images

lack of news in summer

Overall, in the opinion of Noemi Morejón, professor of journalism at the Universidad Loyola Andalucia, the person who There’s a lot of news like this in the summer, “A moment when less news, more time for entertainment and more nonsense”,

exemplo de alo son, ademas del bullo dementido el lunes, el anuncio en twitter de la Estimated death of Felipe Gonzalez El Pasado Marzo or El Pasado Junio, author’s Arturo Perez-ReverteFor those of you who have come across other false obituaries in recent years like Alberto Chicote’s, Maria Teresa Campos, Mario Vargas Llosa or Shakira.

yes, this form of propaganda Digital disruption has grown significantly sinceThe dissemination of fake deaths of famous people has been a frequent practice that has given rise to previous bulls, such as the invented death of Miguel Bose or Ana Torroja or, as in the invention of Cenella Morajón. “The faked accident that ended the lives of then-couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake”,

The actual method followed by bullion makers is the same menu: This ad was created by Twitter accounts that mimic authority figures, In front of it, for example, in Agencia Efe, they plant validation tool Responsible for refuting these bulls. protocol followed Continuous monitoring of the network and identification of suspicious information which may pose a threat to society and are clearly viral, as giving bulls more exposure, even if they are denied, may increase their spread radio.

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