The actor sparked controversy by ‘rejecting’ the ‘Stranger Things’ character and vowing never to do a TV series again. series

American actor David Harbor has an extensive filmography, which includes blockbuster movies like ‘Hellboy’, ‘Suicide Squad’ and most recently ‘Gran Turismo’. However, ‘Stranger Things’ is the star’s biggest hit of the past decade – a bittersweet situation for Jim Hopper’s interpreter.

The Netflix series is set to end next season, and Harbor has no plans to return to acting in television productions. till insiderThe actor highlighted that he just wants to focus on his film career, avoiding being tied up with the Sheriff of Hawkins.

David Harbor (Jim Hopper) and Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers) in ‘Stranger Things’ — Photo: Disclosure

“I think about it a lot,” he said, about “being involved with more than just the character that made him famous”. “It’s a weird situation I never thought I’d be in. In the first year of ‘Stranger Things,’ I remember having a discussion with a publicist and she said, ‘Maybe you’re going to be with someone. Show that you don’t want to be so attached.

Harbor said at first he did not understand his colleague’s question: “I asked: Why? I love this series, I love this character.” I really like the show and I really like that character. But I don’t want to just be that character. I don’t want to just be that guy.”

David Harbor in ‘Gran Turismo’ – photo: reproduction

The actor compared his position to George Clooney’s before leaving ‘ER’. “At the time, everyone was saying, ‘ER’ guy is making a movie with Nicole Kidman.”

While Harbor has made it clear she’s grateful for the exposure she’s gotten from starring in “Stranger Things,” the star’s lines have received some backlash on social media. One user wrote, “He is saying this because he has already made a nest egg.” “It’s a bit too early to say he won’t be returning to the series”, said another.

David Harbor in a scene from ‘Gran Turismo’ – Photo: Disclosure

David Harbor also added to his justification the desire to be recognized in another way by the fans themselves.

“I’m navigating it. It’s complicated because I don’t want to mess with the minds of people who love me because of the show that I love. But at the same time, I want to get out of this nest. I know I have more to give, different things, and I want everyone to see it. I don’t want people yelling ‘Hopper’ down the street every five minutes for the rest of my life. ‘

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