Spider-Verse Screenwriter Explains The Difference Between This Multiverse And Marvel’s

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse has a different idea of ​​the multiverse than the Marvel movies — learn more.

Spider-Verse Screenwriter Explains The Difference Between This Multiverse And Marvel's

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The new adventure delves even deeper into the multiverse, includes many more versions of Spider-Man and is a great middle-chapter in the trilogy that will conclude Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-VerseAs of now there is no release date in theatres.

And the film is already available to buy and rent online on various platforms, while its streaming release, which could be on Netflix or Disney+, should only happen closer to the end of the year.

And a great insight from Into the Spider-Verse was the introduction of the concept of a “canonical event,” which Chris Miller, one of the film’s screenwriters and producers, had to explain in the image below:

like screenrant Turns out, there are some key differences between the MCU version of the multiverse and the version that served as the main driving force for the Miles Morales movies. As revealed by Miller’s illustrations, Into the Spider-Verse begins with the same traditional representation of the multiverse, a branching tree structure with no intersections.

This description is already different from the MCU’s view of the multiverse, as Marvel’s representation of the concept is seen as more linear than the branching tree or the next phase of the Spiderverse, as seen in the image, each other. starts cutting. and create a web.

The images also show how the world where Miguel O’Hara’s daughter came from has been destroyed, as well as being cut off from the rest of the alternate universe Spider-Verse web. Based on the picture, it looks like this broken reality may still exist, but have no connection to the multiverse.

The concept is also different from the intrusion of the MCU, in which the two realities collide with each other, not break apart. But Diverging into the Marvel multiverse is a positive thing, as it keeps things exciting and separates the movies from the animation.

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