Silvina Luna’s health was difficult: she was sedated and will be intubated again

Show business woke up this Thursday morning to the news that Silvina Luna she was moved back to intensive care after being in the common room. However, at the start of the program THEIR, Janina Latorre – with information provided to her by Angel de Brito, who has direct contact with Silvina’s brother, revealed more details of the fine painting through which the model passes.

Afternoon journalist Andrea Taboada confirmed that Silvina Luna was transferred back to the intensive care unit of an Italian hospital due to a serious health condition that began with kidney failure but continued with a pulmonary complication.

“Unfortunately, I must inform you that Silvina Luna returned to intensive care today at 9:30 am”he said in Mariana’s diary (America) and then added: “I want to be very careful because we are talking about health. In fact, it was very difficult for her body to accept the problem of walking with the kinesiologist.. So they decided to take better care in order to return to intensive care, ”concluded the panelist.

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Andrea Taboada confirms Silvina Luna is back in intensive care

However, after hours Janina Latorre the program began in a serious tone THEIR (America) and quickly clarified this information circulated in the afternoon. “I want to tell you that today I spoke with Angel, as everyone knows, is the only one who talks to Silvina’s brother.who doesn’t talk to anyone. He was quite sick and sad. More for everything said that is not true, ”he introduced at the beginning of the program, replacing De Brito, who is on a trip.

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Janina Latorre told the latest news about the health of Silvina Luna

“The truth is that Silvina was hospitalized for three months with a condition we all know. At some point, when she regained consciousness, they were able to remove the tracheotomy and she felt a little better, without leaving the critical state and the initial state. She was transferred to a regular ward, not because she came out of intensive carebut all the equipment was handed over to start treating him, because psychologically for a patient who is already awake and already conscious, it’s a little more tolerant“, he continued.

It turned out this afternoon that she went back to intensive care and talked a lot of nonsense: that he hurt his hand, that he ate, a lot of things are wrong. I’m going to tell exactly what the brother said to Ángel, and that’s the truth about what’s going on with Silvina’s health right now.”

LAM Army tweet about Silvina Luna’s healthTwitter: @elejercitodelam

“She is going to be intubated again, the truth is she has a lot of water in her lungs. So he returned to intensive care. She no longer responds to treatment, she is very weak, her condition has worsened, her condition is very critical, and she is very tender.he concluded before talking to specialist Mariana Lestel about this delicate scene the model went through three months ago.

In addition, he read another message that De Brito sent him live on air as soon as the program began: “He is with a tube on therapy, muscle atrophy and water in his lungs. She is calm. They are waiting for the moment to put a respirator on him, waiting until the last minute. They feed her through a tubethe digestive system no longer works properly“.


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