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“Ser más” is a new Nestlé Ecuador podcast that will premiere in August 2023. This new Nestlé offer aims to connect with those who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, those who listen to it, and their families through this contribution.

“The Nestlé Ecuador podcast format Ser más offers a fun, dynamic conversation about topics that interest us as consumers, with guidance and advice to help them achieve their goals,” said Susana De Freitas, Vice President. of Strategic Services of Communications, Marketing, Digital & E-Commerce, who will also be one of the voices for the podcast.

“The process of launching this new product has been very exciting. Digital platforms, in terms of contact with the consumer, are a priority for Nestlé. In addition to having a social media presence, we also want to capitalize on these new formats that enable the sharing of quality information,” de Freitas said.

Myths, food, recipes and more…

Nestlé Ecuador’s “Ser más” will have five shipments, one per month, starting this August, with which they hope to connect with the consumer in a different way.

“Nestlé strives to be a force for change. In addition to our products, we want them to see us as a brand that connects people, provides quality content and improves the quality of their lives,” says Susana De Freitas.

Among the topics that will be covered:

  • Ten myths and truths about nutrition
  • Nutrition is not deprivation
  • Shattering Schemes: Testimonials That Mark Life
  • Always on the move: nutrition and sports
  • Tips for Improving Nutrition in Children

With these themes, Nestlé wants to convey to its consumers the message of more nutrition, more health and more well-being, together with experts who will also contribute their knowledge and advice, according to a spokesperson.

In the first podcast, Ten Myths and Truths About Nutrition, the conversation will begin with scientific truths confronted with what people usually do or believe. For example, the question of eating or not eating carbohydrates, whether a vegetarian or vegan diet is able to provide the amount of protein the body needs, intermittent fasting, among other topics that were chosen in order to get into the top search queries. .

In terms of nutrition, we will share some of the recipes that Nestlé is working on with their team; as well as suggestions for healthy, nutritious and varied lunch boxes.

“The conversation is fun and lively, at times it becomes contentious, but we don’t impose ideas. We seek to bring these issues to the table and create discussion from different points of view. In the end, we want to sow this seed for the sole purpose of improvement,” said De Freitas.

Ser más is made thanks to the hard work of the Nestlé team, who, together with Susana, decided to go on this adventure. “We are a big brand, but we want to reach everyone who wants to change their lifestyle and that of their family. These are very broad topics, but we want them to concern those who need to be healthy,” he said.

The new Nestlé Ecuador podcast will be available on YouTube and Spotify before the end of the year.

We want to speak, communicate and be close to those who listen to us. We want to live well, live more and be happy… Be more!

Susana De Freitas, VP Strategic Services for Communications, Marketing, Digital & E-Commerce

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