Senate warns about mental health in Colombia

Plant Bill of Senator Carlos Julio GonzalezAndthe need for the state to conduct a transversal policy in the education system that combines the affective and socio-emotional skills of children and adolescents.

Edwin Gutierrez

alarming growthsuicide cases, an increase mental health related illnesses And the need to respond appropriately tol bullying at school, are among the other reasons What motivated to perform public audience where students, parents, teachers, psychologists, congressmen and government bodies they pondered around dbill for middle which is included insystem educational, affective and social competence componentemotional.

Senator Carlos Julio González clarified that this is not just about including a professorship in pensumbut essentially this is a new vision crossTo education system in All theirlevels,beginning with beforeschoolR.

Initiative heals also from fight the so-called “other pandemic” linked to mental health Colombians after overcome Covid-19.

inside signYes anxiety are indicatorsmental health disorderYesin accordance with He Ministry of Health suicide is third cause of death in our country.

Anxiety, depression, school dropout, substance useYes Psychoactive crimes are the bread and butter throughout the country, although the State does not appear to be effectively coordinating action to prevent and properly deal with each case.

“Cohow they deal with a crisis, how they deal with anger, how they handle a breakup on a sentimental level, that’s what we’re talking about in this project on affective competencies.“, – explained Senator Carlos Julio Gonzalez.

We have a concern for the social fabric. QuestionorAnd NoYes going on as a society and corhow we can contributehe thoughtor Sen. Carina Espinosa Oliver.

Papers from the Columbia Institute for Family Welfare Heared at a Public Hearing, theirministries WITHhealth and education, V adviserHeyto the Presidential Youth AffairsAttorney General’s Office, National College of Psychologists, and National Parent Federation.

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