Season 6 of Overwatch 2 Invasion is now available

Starting today, players can join the call to save the world in three story missions in Overwatch 2: Invasion, as well as take on Illari, a new support hero from Peru. There are also two huge maps where you can test yourself in the new Critical Point PvP mode and much more.

Today’s update includes:

  • Overwatch 2 Story Missions: Invasion: Players will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and Gothenburg to learn about the beginning of Overwatch 2’s story. With all-new videos and hundreds of voiceovers, players can explore the beginning of Overwatch 2’s story with their friends.
  • Illari, new support hero: Illari, the 38th hero to join the game, is Peru’s first addition to the Overwatch roster. Due to his solar abilities, he can use medium and long range abilities to heal and attack at will.
  • Critical point, new game mode– With the introduction of Critical Point, two new maps will appear in the PvP rotation: Suravasa and New Junk City. Players will fight for capture points in this non-linear PvP map, testing their creativity and teamwork in all new ways across the large maps of Overwatch 2.
  • Underworld Joint Mission: Join your friends in a limited-time event mission where they will face new enemies from Sector Zero in the uncharted area of ​​Kings Row. Weekly modifiers will apply, providing players with new challenges throughout the season.
  • New hero development system: Gain experience with your favorite heroes and increase your overall player level to earn unique name cards and other rewards. The new progression system tracks the play style and progress of each of the 38 heroes through a new interface.

In the season hero skill for Winston, Mercy, Reinhardt, Sojourn and Tracer so that players can improve their skills with them and climb the hero leaderboards. There will be more heroes in the future!


Overwatch 2: Invasion Packs are now available for digital purchase. They include one or more items that will help you in the fight against omnic forces.

  • Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle– Includes all Invasion story missions from Overwatch 2, 1,000 coins, 1 Legendary skin, and the Stay Time hero.
  • Overwatch 2 Ultimate Bundle: Invasion– Includes all Overwatch 2 Invasion story missions, 2,000 coins, 2 legendary skins, hero’s sojourn, premium battle pass, and 20 level passes.
  • Invasion Premium Battle Pass (1000 OW Coins) – Includes immediate access to the new Hero Illari, Ana’s A-7000 Wargod Mythic Skin, 5 Legendary skins, 90 Battle Pass Premium reward tiers, 1 Battle Pass XP boost of 20%, and 2000 OW Credits.

Overwatch 2 is available for free on different platforms: PC (Windows®) via, on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, game console®4, Nintendo Switch™, and on Steam starting August 10th.

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