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“Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity” is the title of a three-part documentary celebrating the life and work of jazz legend Wayne Shorter, premiering August 25 on the Prime Video streaming platform.

Directed by Dorsey Alavi and executive produced by Brad Pitt and Carlos Santana, the film highlights different periods of the saxophonist’s life. passed away recently at the age of 89,

The strap includes interviews with some of Shorter’s most famous collaborators, including Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marcus Miller, and Esperanza Spalding.

Furthermore, each section of the film covers a different era of Shorter’s life: the first part explores his childhood and his rise as one of the genre’s most relevant composers between 1933 and 1971; The second contrasts Shorter’s personal struggles with his professional successes from 1972 to 1999 and the third begins in 2000 and focuses on Shorter’s commitment to musical progress and building a lasting and solid legacy.

The film’s premiere coincides with Shorter’s 90th anniversary and emphasizes its lasting influence on jazz and the need for musicians to transcend genre boundaries.

Shorter died in March 2023, however his influence on jazz music cannot be overestimated and will remain so as long as the genre continues to grow. Thus, “Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity”, the promotional text reads, “is not a look at the lives of the all-time greats, but a tribute to current and future jazz musicians to continue expanding the groundbreaking frontiers.” An encouraging message.” Your own musical mastery, bells of all styles”.

In addition to a long list of other musical accomplishments, including being a founding member of the seminal jazz fusion group Weather Report, Shorter spent six years with one of the most influential musicians of all time: Miles Davis, who was part of his second studio album. Great quintets and also of the electric revolution of the genre that the trumpeter pioneered.

Screen Rant, the producer in charge of the documentary, released a trailer for “Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity” that accurately details a pivotal moment in Shorter’s life: when he was young he received a phone call from Miles Davis. See under Document file.

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